How to attempt your exam paper?


Paper presentation is always very important to impress your examiner. So, students always ask how we can attempt our paper in the best and most proper way. Your best paper presentation is the first impression to your checker. After examining your paper presentation examiner sets his mind that how many marks he will give to you. So, today in this article I will tell you the methods to attempt your paper. By following these methods you will be able to present your paper in the best way and in this way you can also get good marks.

Read your question paper:

In this first step, you should read your question paper properly and make a sketch in your mind that how you will attempt your paper. Figure out in which questions you have a hundred percent grip. Attempt those questions first. Give your best answers. Explain each and everything in your answer. If you are attempting your science subject paper then you should also mention examples in your questions. Also, write my dissertation formulas or equations if needed. So, it is the first step.

Draw margin lines on your answer sheet:

After doing the first step draw margin lines on your answer sheet. Your margin lines should not be wide and not narrow. It should be proper and in normal size. You should have a scale, it should not be small. It must be as full-size a sheet. So, in this way, your margins will be proper and not be broken. While attempting your answers make sure that your answer should not exceed margin lines.

Mention proper headings:

After drawing margin lines mention proper heading. If you are attempting your short questions first or long section part. First of all, write “Subjective part” at the top of your page. Then after that mention “Short questions”. Now mention the number of questions. Then start attempting your answers. Avoid using markers everywhere. Because when you use marker everywhere then it will leave an impact on your paper.

Learn the proper use of marker:

Use the cut marker. But students should know that we cannot use cut-type markers casually like other markers. So, try to attend some classes on calligraphy. Because when you will put proper headings in your exam paper, especially in your Urdu paper, this will definitely impress your examiner. He will definitely make a good mindset for your paper. So, try to learn some calligraphy. I am not saying that you should expert in calligraphy. But learn at least that it will support your exam paper and helps you in impressing your examiner.


So, at the last, the conclusion of this article is that just follow the steps that I have told you in this article. Prepare well, you should have enough knowledge to attempt your paper properly. Attempt you are questions short plus long in a proper way and write the all information relevant to your question. Don’t miss anything. So, I hope this article will be informative for you.

Rachel Crib
Rachel Crib
Rachel has lived in Lancaster her whole life. Trish has worked as a journalist for nearly a decade having contributed to several large publications including the Yahoo News and the Lancaster Post. As a journalist for The Tiger News, Cristina covers national and international developments.

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