How Many CBD Gummies Should I Eat?


CBD gummies is a form of CBD oil. This gummy candy contains the healing compound CBD. It is a delicious, discreet, easy-to-swallow candy that is very helpful in relieving anxiety, pain, or depression.

But everyone should stick to a dose of CBD candy. It is a very usual question that people ask how much CBD candies should be eaten per day?

It is not easy to give the answer. The dose may vary from person to person. In fact, it depends on some factors like body weight, body chemistry, types of diseases, etc. You won’t find the actual dose you need in CBD candy bottles. Because CBD companies don’t share anything about it. Therefore, it is very difficult to find the right dose of CBD gummies for your body.

But if you’re here you don’t have to worry about that. You will find a helpful guide in the article and you can choose a dose of CBD gumball on your own.

There is no clear answer to CBD dosage. Since there are different types of CBD users, you should take the time to find the perfect dose for you. There are also some factors that you need to take into consideration.

  1. Start with a low dose

At first, you have to start with a small dose of CBD. Gradually, your body will adapt to CBD. Then you can increase the doses. You can find a wide range of CBD candy concentrations. Gummy candies range from 5 mg to 25 mg or more. Therefore, you can take 2/4 mg of gummy candy or one of a higher concentration of CBD per day.

  1. Your body weight

Bodyweight is a very important factor in choosing the dosages of any drug. Depending on the body weight, the adaptation of any substance to the body is determined. Hence, it is a very important indicator to find the perfect dose of CBD candy. So you can select the dosage based on your body weight. Several studies have been done to find the CBD candy dose based on body weight. Let’s check the doses based on body weight:

Under 60kg – 11mg or less

60 to 100kg – 18 mg or less

Over 100 lbs – 23mg or less

From 60 to 100kg, there is a huge difference in dosage. Based on the above categories, you can find an account. As a calculation, you can take 1 mg for every 5.5kg of body weight. So you can find the perfect dose by dividing your weight by 5.5


  1. Based on your problem:

The most important thing to making the perfect dose of CBD gummies depends on why you are taking CBD. Different types of physical, psychological, and mental disorders or problems require different doses of CBD gum. To get different types of CBD gummies for your problem check this website.

For oysters, relaxation, or restful sleep, you can take 15-25 mg of CBD daily. You can opt for a small 5mg dose to get rid of the discomfort and inflammation.

But if you want to reduce severely caused pain or inflammation, you should take 50 mg of CBD daily. This depends on the problem. One person needs 5 mg and another person needs 600 mg. But you shouldn’t take too much CBD in the morning. Because it can tire you out or make you less focused. Depending on your problem, you can take a high dose of 1500 mg per day. But you have to go to the medical consulate to take a higher dose.

Always try to take lower doses for the first time. If you start at a higher dose, you may have mild side effects.

But there is still more interest and let’s check it out.

  1. Based on the required strength

After considering your body weight, you have to make a decision based on the strength of your problem. If you have weak or moderate height, such as normal ease or stress, you can choose a lower concentration of CBD. On the other hand, you should take a higher dose if it has significant or strong effects.

Let’s take a look at this consideration.

Moderate effects –

Under 60 kg – 12 to 14 mg

60 to 100 kg – 19 to 23 mg

Over 100 kg – 24-30 mg

Powerful effects –

60 to 100 kg – 24 to 27 mg

Over 100 kg – 31 to 45 mg


If you want to take CBD for your problem, gummies may be one of the easiest ways. But you have to worry about dosing. You need to calculate CBD candy doses based on several factors. We hope that by reading the article now, you will find factors that can be used to determine its dosage.

But remember one important thing, don’t just focus on one factor. You need to consider all the factors like body weight, problems, strengths, etc. If you consider all the factors and can calculate them correctly, you can easily find out how much CBD should be consumed daily.

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