How Can Enterprise Reporting Software Help My Business?


Transparency is a key point for any business in this day and age, especially those that find themselves in the public trading market. Companies are looking for ways to properly maintain data, garnering information immediately and clearly, but with the ability to give access to those who need it. That’s where enterprise reporting is playing a pivotal part in moving a variety of industries forward, and keeping their data flow and business processes at their peak. Let’s take a closer look at the role that enterprise reporting can play for a business.

What is enterprise reporting?

What is enterprise reporting

Enterprise reporting is the creation and distribution of reports concerning business performance to key decision-makers within an organization. This can include anything from reports on metrics on key performance indicators to information curated in the daily activities for a business of any size. Enterprise reporting software provides users with a comprehensive view of all of the inner workings of a company. This includes an overall assessment of the company’s performance at a high level with metrics, dashboards, and other user-friendly business intelligence tools.

An enterprise reporting system is important as it is able to design and deliver large volumes of data and reports to businesses and customers in any format desired. This can be through printed documents and PDFs to fully interactive reports on the web. End-users can interact with these reports that are published or even build their own reports. With the right software, organizations of any size can easily and affordably scale reporting to even thousands of users.

Capabilities of Enterprise Reporting

Capabilities of Enterprise Reporting

There are necessary capabilities that any enterprise reporting system should have in place. One of the most heavily relied upon of these capabilities is the ability to distribute reports in any format. While we previously mentioned printed documents and PDFs, we mean any format. Excel, PowerPoint, and HTML are just some of the formats accessible through a proper enterprise reporting mechanism. These systems allow for interactive reporting where users experience full interactivity with tables and charts including sorting, filtering, and conditional formatting to make changes with each re-use of those documents in a report.

Enterprise reporting systems allow for pixel-perfect reporting, where users are able to seize complete control of report design. Every element of a report — visualizations, texts, images – can be formatted to the individual pixel to meet regulatory standards. Self-service reporting within these outlets builds interactive reports with an easy-to-use designer. These systems are built with an open architecture designed to connect any data source and deploy any method to maintain business processes. Enterprise reporting also offers multi-tenant support, allowing easy control access to data for users at all levels, whether it is having to deliver regulatory reports or distribute client statements.

Benefits of Enterprise Reporting

Benefits of Enterprise Reporting

There is a lot of benefits to having a proper enterprise reporting system put in place, especially from early on within the history of a business. Enterprise reporting enables better decision-making, empowering people to make choices not only faster but smarter with critical information available in real-time. By making these better and more comprehensive decisions quicker, companies can deliver a greater customer experience. This provides users with an easy-to-use interface to view and dive into their data, delivering pixel-perfect reports inside applications and even on mobile devices.

Enterprise reporting increases productivity for businesses, allowing them to spend less time fulfilling every request for a new report to end-users. This enables them to create reports on their own or modify existing reports started by developers. Most importantly, especially in this digital revolution, enterprise reporting is a connection to innovation bringing the past to the present for an easier understanding of trends and real-time data. These systems can elevate a company and its connections to customers and suppliers alike.

Faheem Haydar
Faheem Haydar
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