Has Livegore Tik Tok Closed? Here Is Everything to Know


As everyone knows, among all social media platforms, TikTok has become one of the most famous platforms where people upload various content.

Millions of stars on Tiktok share their content, and people enjoy it. However, another popular thing on Tiktok is the website Livegore.

Recently, many rumors have gone viral, and according to some, the content creator Livegore is now on the phone with someone.

The account has been deleted and suspended from Tiktok. Moreover, according to many reports,  the popular video-sharing website Live Leak has been taken down.Many users thought the site would shut down on 20th October 2021.

Let’s discuss some details. Has it been blocked, or why can individuals not relocate the website online? Is Livegore available, and what is it about?

Is Livegore Tiktok  no longer Available?

You may have heard of websites like Ogrish and Live Leak, which these people also launched in 2006. It is a famous website where people share photographs and videos of violence.

Well, people have been unable to access the website for the last few days. Everyone thought it was a technical issue, but the root cause was not revealed.

Viral Content by Livegore on Social Platforms

It seems the website shut down not long ago, but some individuals do not have access to it. The site is popular as Liveleak is known for publishing pictures and videos online.

It was a true act of footage regarding violence. Livegore found many videos on TikTok which displayed a variety of murders in different forms.

People are familiar that the Liveleak organization is responsible for releases that show real violence. There are uploaded graphic movies full of violence, like the execution of Saddam Hussein and the beheading of James Foley.

It was banned after releasing the 5187 videos. We collected the data but didn’t have much information on the viral 5187 videos.

Moreover, Liveleak is connected with Itemfix; this platform allows users to submit multimedia material like audio, video, and images.

The founder of LiveLeak, Hayden Hewitt, lauded the group of people that he did not identify with. The hashtag# livegore was also used on pictures by a few participants.

Meanwhile, there are so many disturbing movies depicting suicide and homicide that show people having their heads severed.

Still, there has been no response to the closure of Liveleak. You can go and search for the Livegore videos; maybe you can get access to Livegore.

Liveleak is a video-sharing British website that launched in 2006. Many controversies were raised, such as in 2008, an anti-Quran film Fitna made by a Dutch politician.

Many other cases were seen. Therefore, access was often disabled, like in Australia and other countries. Now people are redirected to the Itemfix.org site to watch these violent acts.

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, the Livegore website went viral among entertainment websites where people saw domestic violence.

Now it has been closed because it displayed a variety of violence like murders and other types of violence like the execution of Saddam Hussain.

Hafsa Qayyum
Hafsa Qayyum
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