Who is Jessica Fuentes and Her Daughter: Her TikTok Video


Jessica Fuentes is a 40 years old social media personality and is famous as a ” racist Karen.” Nowadays, the internet is filled with the news that Jessica has been arrested as a racist TikToker. The video made trending on social media, and Jessica is under fire.

Jessica’s video viral when she was saying to a Mexican boy he should go back to his country. Her TikTok video made an internet sensation in which she was seen as a racist. She uses many racist slanders as she was continuously yelling at a boy and recorded the video.

Jessica Fuentes


Jessica’s words were, ” You are a Mexican; you are illegal and is against the law. furthermore, she added that how to speak English which sounds rude.” After this video, people called her ” racist Karen.”

She has a daughter named Jallisa Velazquez. They both were arrested for a mall flight.
The victim said both mother and daughter punched to the ground. They were charged with third-degree assault.

The officials are currently investigating this case. Let’s see what happens with Jessica and her daughter.

Jessica Fuentes


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