Reddit and Instagram Have a Thriving Market Place For Fake IDs

fake id reddit

The teenager who is feeling bored and looking to sneak into bars or clubs, buying an illegal fake ID has become scarily easy.

They do not get to believe friends of friends, scribbled instructions, or shady meetings in back alleys. Now, the local fake ID vendor is simply an Instagram post or Reddit comment away.

Entire communities of individuals wanting to buy or sell fake IDs have sprung up online. Also, as a more hidden industry quietly existing on the deep web outside of teenagers’ curious Google searches. Fake ID vendors became so confident that they publicly promoted their products.

Reddit and Instagram didn’t answer our requests for comment. We’ll explore this story if we hear back from them.

There’s A Subreddit For Everything

The Fake IDs subreddit may be a community within Reddit where people can share links, accounts of their experience, and knowledge about the acquisition and creation of illegal fake IDs. Surprisingly, this is not a replacement community soon to be stamped out by Reddit administrators.

For several online fake ID vendors, online feedback and reviews are essential and a transparent sign that they are not scammers. Surely, the fake ID Reddit features a thread on Ozzy Fake ID. And, therefore, the consensus is that the group is formed from scammers.

The most famous posts on the fake ID subreddit are valuable guides for looking to sneak into bars with a fake identity.

Another popular post may be a guide to the multitude of faux ID vendors online. However, a user named iOracle works for Novelty IDs expresses his regret that he ranks far down the list:

Many answers came in from another Reddit user. And even the opponent who was ranked above him, exploring why his products are rated superior:

image 1

The most upvoted post on the subreddit comes from a user who is 12-years-old who needs a fake ID to shop for an 18-rated Xbox game.

Image 2

An inquiry for “Buy fake ID” on shows the fake ID subreddit’s “Comprehensive  Vendor Guide” post because of the eighth result.

Instagram is not just For Photos of Food

Famous bogus ID sellers often run promotions to boost their profiles. One seller, specialized Fakes, runs his promotions using the app of Instagram.

To see the code, people got to follow the fake ID seller’s Instagram account before it’s made personal. Therefore, the code is kept within a small number of individuals.

However, many people are using their private Instagram accounts to stay connected with surprisingly. And they are following the fake ID vendors.

image 3

Their names and further employment details are often visible. Alongside the comments and queries are directing toward the sellers of illegal fake IDs.

But Instagram is not just wont to run promotions. Aware that the photo-sharing app is popular amongst teenagers. However, fabricated ID vendors with names like Anonymous IDs, Planet Fakes, often found profiles to advertise their products. An inquiry for the hashtag #fakeid using Instagram browser Iconosquare shows that over 20,000 photos and videos on the site are uploading with the hashtag.

Photos are annotating with emoji to face bent teenagers wanting to sneak into their local bars.

And here’s another post from an equivalent Instagram account showing the states that it can produce fake IDs:



While there is much evidence that people are asking for business on Reddit and Instagram, are people buying anything?

In any case, many internet black markets are cramming with people selling things. They do not need it with no intention of ever delivering.

Because the Daily Dot reports, the deep web has many sites claiming to supply assassinations, but there is no evidence that anyone has ever been killed from a deep web “hit.”

But many of us online have confessed to buying fake IDs through vendors who operate publicly through Reddit and Instagram. One Australian man, chatting with The Herald, claims to possess a forged ID after following a link found on Reddit.

And on the favored Frat subreddit, two people claim to possess used Instagram to shop for fake ID:

image 5

Here’s What you Get

However, the researchers at were using the best Fake ID Reddit to seek out a false ID seller. And they are proceeding more to get a bogus ID.

The cardboard itself arrived during a DHL document parcel. It hides inside the center page of an air conditioning instruction manual:

image 6

The delivered product was fake. And the bouncers they talked to informed them that it might not pass muster when trying to realize entry to a club.


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