Chaz Bono finds love with former TV child star – and mom Shara Blue Mathes


Chaz Bano fell in love with former child Tv star Shara Blue Mathes who appeared along with Jason Bateman in the movie “ It’s Your Move.”His mom Cher is 72 years old and given her to his son’s relationship blessing with Mathes. She was a drug addiction and divorced mother of one of the family.

Chaz Bano was a former drug addict and took his girlfriend on a romantic trip to Adelaide, Australia, in October. Cher posed for a picture with Mathes, “ Here we go again tour.”
Bano and Shara Blue Mathes traveled earlier this month where the Cher show musical is playing.

This show was depicted Cher’s life mom with Chaz’s singer father, Sonny Bono.
They were given star treatment and allowed to go backstage with Neil Simon and pose with the show’s props. Mathes wrote the message when she posted with Bano on 7th January, “ Backstage in his Mom and dad’s bed, oh my?!!”

shara blue mathes


shara blue mathes


Shara Blue Mathes posted the picture with her boyfriend, Chaz Bano, at a Halloween party in Los Angeles which was hosted by Colton Haynes.
Cher’s transgender son has feared the relationship with the woman. He thought he would spend his life alone after the breakup with Jennifer Elia. He said, “ he seems to repel women I am attracted to.”

The Cult tv series actor Bano introduced to divorce Mathes in spring 2017. After some time, the couple realized both are suffering from drug addiction and related to growing up in the entertainment industry.

Bano’s parents were famous as the world’s best-known musical couples with their classic “ I Got You, Babe.” Chaz Bano was their only child and was eight years old when the couple divorced in 1977.

shara blue mathes

They Posed for a holiday picture on 24th December 2018 in West Hollywood, California. Mathes was 15years old when she starred alongside a 16-year-old Jason Bateman in the comedy series “ It’s Your Move.”

Shara Mathes left the industry and works for homeless charity Housing works in Los Angeles, California. She revealed a dark time when drug addiction led to being unable to care for her son Cooper.

shara blue mathes

On 30th December 2018, Mathes wishes Cooper a happy birthday and wrote that” Thank God for my family who took over for me when I was drug-addicted, and addiction rendered me powerless of my life and choices. You never had to see me on drugs, and my mom, dad, and brother love you.

shara blue mathes

Mathes went to Adelaide, Australia, with Bano in October 2018, where Cher performed in The Cher Show musical. In a transition book, Chaz Bano described that the Story of How I became a man and former addiction to prescription drugs.

He took prescription opiates to cope with two tragedies his father’s death in 19898 and then the end of Chaz’s lover Joan Stephens. He said, “these personal losses triggered a gradual, but extreme downward spiral in my life ultimately led me to develop an addiction to a prescription painkiller—the only way to take the edge off the searing pain inside of me.

They both are successful and overcome their addictions, and are seen as great supporters for one another. Cher’s mother’s name is Georgia Holt, who gave her seal of approval to Mathes. It happened when she was invited to join the family for her 91st birthday celebrations in June 2017. He proved a hit with the most important man in Mathes’s life, 18-year-old son Cooper.

shara blue mathes

shara blue mathes

Shara Blue Mathes posted photos on Instagram and showing herself with Jason Bateman in the comedy series in 1984. At that time, she was only 15, and Jason was 16 years old. Mathes’s father Robbie has taken to Bono, inviting him to join for Father’s Day in 2018 at the country club. The couple really enjoys the sense of humor of one another.

Mathes protective of Bano, who lived a life as Chastity before completing gender reassignment surgery in 2010. Shara Mathes wishes her son a happy birthday and describes how drugs led to her unable to care for him for two years, but now she is living a healthy life.

Mathes blasted on social media when negative comments were made about Bono. He wrote, “I am his girlfriend, and he is kindest, most badass tenacious man I’ve even know; he is all man.”

A source told that Mathes was newly singly when she met Chaz and was not looking for love.
They traveled together, vacationing in Australia, Holland, Italy, and France, and make a great team. Finally, Chaz has found someone who makes him happy.


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