Jamie Fox Meets Kristin Grannis for Lunch Date


He was very guarded about the identity of his baby mamas. Jamie Foxx was enjoying an outing with Kristin Grannis, and he was his ex now. The actor is 50 years old and spotted on lunch with his youngest child’s mother in Los Angeles. They openly were enjoying lunch in Los Angeles.

The Oscar-winning actor came with bearing gifts and apparently lavishing a brand new purse on the raven-haired beauty. Their meet-up was not seen with Fox’s girlfriend, Katie Holmes, and she spent valentine’s day with her beau.

The couple had a sweaty basketball practice together ahead of Jamie’s appearance at the NBA star celebrity game on Friday. Kristin Grannis and Jamie shared that they have an eight-year-old daughter named Annalise.

kristin grannis

kristin grannis

Her mother’s identification was confirmed when they were spotted together in October.
The identification of Jamie’s baby momma is Connie Kline.

He also shared the 23-year-old daughter Connie Bishop and revealed it in 2016. Jamie’s daughter shares her surname Bishop who was born Eric Marlon Bishop.

kristin grannis

Kristin Grannis and Jamie shared the picture of an eight-year-old daughter named Annalise. According to National Enquirer, Grannis quit her job in PR a few decades ago. At that time, she was pregnant with Annalise and has been financially supported by the Ray star.

Her father is 78 years old, and Fox’s relationship with Holmes has caused a strain between the co-parents. Holmes shared the daughter name Suri and Fox’s collateral co-star Torn Cruise.
Jammie’s baby momma Connie Kline shares 23-year-old daughter Corrie Bishop that was revealed in 2016.

kristin grannis

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