A Fortnite and Destiny 2 Crossover has Come


Guardians? On my island? It’s more likely than you think.

At the rate Fortnite is going, there’s no telling what they’ll have a crossover next. From famous anime and cartoons to actual concerts and skins based on real people, it will keep surprising players. The next batch of skins for Fortnite accounts now includes characters from Destiny 2.

Fortnite and Destiny

That’s right, Bungie and Epic Games now have a collaboration. Destiny 2 will now appear in the Epic Games Store and will have Fortnite skins in return. Moreover, Fall Guys get skins from the popular space MMO shooter, though Destiny isn’t getting anything from Fall Guys.

How to Get Fortnite’s Destiny 2 Skins

The skins have been available on the Fortnite Item Shop since August 23. They have the Gaming Legends tag, which puts their price at 1,500 V-Bucks, but you can buy a bundle for a small discount. There are three skins available, and each comes with various accessories.

  • Commander Zavala
    • Targe Back Bling (Commander Zavala’s Ghost)
    • Crown-Splitter Pickaxe
    • Sparrow Glider with the Zavala Shader Style
  • Ikora Rey
    • Ophiuchus Back Bling (Ikora Rey’s Ghost)
    • Black Talon Pickaxe
    • Sparrow Glider with the Ikora Shader Style
  • Exo Stranger
    • Pouka Back Bling (the Stranger’s companion)
    • The Lament Pickaxe
    • Sparrow Glider with the Exo Stranger Shader Style

Along with these, an ‘Investigate’ Emote is also available in the shop. Using it will summon a Ghost that will scan the area around you.

A New Map

Besides the new skins, a new Destiny-inspired map is also available in Fortnite. For complete immersion, after buying the skins, players can go Guardian Zone Control: Javelin-4 and play a game of Zone Control. Two teams of players can capture points on the map. The longer your team controls an area, the more points you get.

This game mode plays similarly to a PvP game mode in Destiny. It’s a nice break from the constant survival the battle royale mode requires of players. Access the map through the Discover screen, or input the Island Code: 0642-9767-7225.

The map has the visuals of Destiny 2’s environments and provides a small taste of its PvP gameplay. Of course, there’s so much more to the space MMO shooter than this, but this teaser will serve well to generate interest.

Destiny 2’s Fortnite Skins

As this is a fair exchange, Destiny gets Drift, Oblivion, and Black Knight as skins from Fortnite. Each one is tied to a specific class, so you can only buy the skins for the ones you own. You can find them in the Eververse Store, priced at 2,000 Silver. However, there’s a limited-time discount, leaving the price at 1,500 Silver. For Titans, they get the Black Knight. Warlocks have Drift, and Hunters receive Oblivion/Omega. All those skins are Legendary ones from their home game.

Black Knight fits the defensive Titan.

Destiny 2’s 30th Anniversary Pack

Alongside the game’s release on the Epic Games platform and the new skins, there’s also the 30th Anniversary pack for Destiny 2. It contains a new dungeon, some unique weapons and armor, exclusive exotics, and several armor ornaments.

This bundle is free and only available on the Epic Games Store for a week. Get it now before it’s too late!

Alongside this event, the Shadowkeep, Beyond Light, and Witch Queen expansions are on a ‘free to play week.’ You can play through the content of these expansions for a week, and afterward, you’ll have to buy them to continue.

The 30th Anniversary Pack is only available through the EGS, so don’t try to get it on other platforms. EGS players must also download the game to officially claim the pack. Otherwise, it would disappear after a week, and the player doesn’t get anything.

A Timely Crossover

This is sure to increase both games’ player base. Those who have played Destiny 2 will become interested in Fortnite, and Fortnite players will take notice of Destiny 2. As both are shooters, the skills honed in one game can transfer some of those abilities to another. There will be an adjustment period, but it’s smoother than having no experience.

The collaboration is a win-win for both games, lesser so for Fall Guys. As that is a game where you avoid falling as much as you can, its only similarity is being the last one standing like in Fortnite. Still, it’s going to have some attention aimed at it because of this collaboration.

Enjoy these various crossover skins for your Fall Guys, Destiny 2, or Fortnite account!

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