How to Farm Lost Ark Gold in Under The Arkesian Sun Update


The Under The Arkesian Sun for Lost Ark introduces some things players have wanted for Lost Ark for a long time.

Lost Ark just got a significant update this late August 2022 with Under The Arkesian Sun. The newly released content has brought the Pet Ranch feature into players’ strongholds, which should keep the community busy thanks to the host of new mechanics added to the players’ pet collections.

Ark Gold

The update also brought Event Raids back to Lost Ark’s PvE, along with a slew of futuristic mounts and cosmetics you can buy with Lost Ark gold. But let’s be honest, adding the Pet Ranch in the Stronghold is the biggest highlight in Under The Arkesian Sun. So, what can players expect when they first log into the ARPG MMO?

The Pet Ranch

The pièce de résistance of the Under The Arkesian Sun update is undoubtedly the Pet Ranch. The Pet Ranch is a new location that players can visit via the Stronghold. Here, you can interact with your pets and grow them into stronger companions. As you train your pets, they’ll be able to generate a valuable resource called “Jam Cookies,” which can be exchanged for rewards like Lost Ark currency.

To unlock the Pet Ranch, you must be at least Stronghold Level 15. Moreover, you must also have access to the Cave and the Stronghold Farm and have at least one pet. Once you’ve accomplished all the prerequisites, you can do the quest “Yay, Pet Ranch!!” from Butler Adeline.

The Pet Ranch is divided into two sectors: the Cookie Workshop and the Ranch. Managing your time with both parts of the Pet Ranch is the key to keeping your pets happy and getting Jam Cookies. The Ranch is where your pets regain their Morale. Meanwhile, your pet’s Morale will decrease if they work at the Cookie Workshop. A pet without Morale won’t be able to produce Jam Cookies for you, meaning you can’t exchange anything for items like Arcane Batteries, Vitameows, and other Ranch-based items.

Furthermore, the number of Jam Cookies a pet can generate depends on their grade. A pet’s grade increases when upgraded (ex: rare to epic to legendary). You can upgrade pets in Lost Ark to Legendary by reaching max Expertise and spending Pet Growth tokens—which you can get by exchanging them for Jam Cookies. When your pet has been upgraded to Legendary, you’ll unlock several features, including being granted a random powerful skill.

Pet Ranch Items You Can Get With Jam Cookies

You exchange your pet’s hard-earned Jam Cookies through the Jam Cookie Vendor. Whether you’re looking for Phoenix Plumes, Card Packs, or pet-themed cosmetics—the Jam Cookie Vendor has it all. You can also get Pet Ranch-specific items such as:

  • Pet Expertise Potion – A potion that increases Pet Expertise.
  • Pet Growth Token – A token used to upgrade pets.
  • Pet Customization Potion – A potion that can morph your pet’s appearance. You can use it on Legendary Pets to unlock the reskin feature.
  • Vitameow – Gives vitality to pets when consumed. Recovers 10% of your pet’s Morale.
  • Arcane Battery – A battery booster. When used, your pets will produce three extra Jam Cookies every 10 minutes in the Cookie Workshop.

Event Guardians Are Back

The Under The Arkesian Sun update also brings Event Guardians back to Arkesia. To participate in this event-exclusive raid, you must be at least Combat Level 50 or Item Level 250. The Event Guardians are essentially a variation of Lost Ark’s Guardian Raids. You’ll be up against three Guardians who drop stacking buffs that significantly increase player damage dealt. Should you defeat all three Guardians, you’ll receive tokens you can redeem through the event vendor for various rewards. You can opt to fight the Guardians solo or with a group.

The Maharaka Festival

The ongoing Maharaka Festival gets a new activity: Blooming Mokokos. That’s right—the festivities aren’t over yet. By collecting as many Maharaka Leaves as possible, you can exchange them later for in-game rewards. According to the developers, you can also receive Lost Ark gold by finding these Blooming Mokokos. The Maharaka Festival runs until September 28, so you still have plenty of time to join in on the fun.

Limited-Time Lost Ark Skins

For the cosmetic aspect, the developers have added a bunch of Lost Ark skins, pets, and decorations to the in-game store. Here’s a list.

  • Shiba Inu Pet
  • Spring Dream Weapons
  • Wingsuit Armor and Neon Weapon Skins
  • Wingsuit Bike Selection Chest
  • Racetrack Stronghold Decorations

Much like the Maharaka Festival, you only have until September 28 to purchase these new additions (except for the Racetrack Stronghold Decorations).

Lost Ark is On A Roll

Lost Ark is the second foray of Amazon Games into the MMO realm. Following the rocky release of New World this year, the Under The Arkesian Sun update should keep their second MMO afloat—at least for a while. Only time will tell whether Lost Ark will still have players farming Lost Ark currency well after a couple of years, but for now, the game has been consistently getting updates and improvements.

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