Farm OSRS GP By Killing Reworked Wilderness Bosses


Here’s all you need to know about the wilderness bosses rework that Jagex is currently working on and what to expect.

Jagex is currently working on reworking three of the six wilderness bosses. With the rework, you will need to pay up to 50k OSRS GP to enter the bosses’ layers or exit them, but you’ll also be able to earn more OSRS gold per hour from killing them. The three bosses currently under rework are Callisto, Venenatis, and Vet’ion. They are what Jagex intended as multi-bosses so that groups to enjoy the dangers of the wilderness while bossing together.


However, players often solo them for their pets and unique drops worth a good chunk of OSRS gold. In their attempt to bring back the multi-PvP, Jagex is reworking them to bring groups back in the wilderness and is throwing higher rewards and higher OSRS GP per hour to motivate people to group up to tackle these bosses as a team.

OSRS Boss Layers

The bosses will no longer be located at the surface of the wilderness. Instead, you’ll be able to access their caves from the surface by paying a fee with OSRS gold. The fee varies based on the amount of kc you previously got.

The exit will differ from the entrance, and you will still need to pay a fee to exit. Once you exit the boss layers, you’ll find yourself in another cave where you’ll need to run to escape. This cave will be filled with mid-level monsters that can still take you down.

If you exit the boss layer, you’ll be randomly teleported to one of three possible locations within the escape cave. Every 10 seconds, the teleport destination will change, giving you a fair chance at chasing someone or sticking together with your friends. The caves will feature four exits to the wilderness.

Solo Versions

If group activities aren’t for you, you’ll still be able to enjoy solo killing smaller and less dangerous versions of these three bosses in under level 30 wilderness. This is especially useful for Ironman accounts who might want to try and obtain must-have OSRS items such as the Dragon Pickaxe. It’s also super handy if you’re pet hunting. The smaller versions of the bosses will have decreased drop rates for the uniques, but you will still be able to get them, and you’ll be safer in the lower-level wilderness and a single-way combat zone.

A Fresh Coat of Paint

Besides moving the big bosses within their respective caves, Jagex will also give them new abilities, looks, and behaviors.

1. Callisto

Callisto will remain immune to magic attacks but become vulnerable to the root effects of the ice barrage. Her behavior will change to a more aggressive bear that constantly tries to get close to the players to hit them with a strong melee attack. Therefore, the best strategy against her will be to root her in place using ice barrage. She will still be able to attack you from afar and get enraged, similarly to the alchemical hydra, when her HP reaches a certain threshold that Jagex hasn’t disclosed. At the very least, you no longer have to be near her when she makes the deadly melee attack.

2. Venenatis

Venenatis is one of the spider bosses alongside Sarachnis. While Sarachnis has her spawns like a real spider, Venenatis doesn’t, so Jagex is planning on adding spiderlings to give the real spider feeling to the wilderness spidey-boss. While her offspring are alive, Venenatis attacks are empowered, so you must prioritize killing the little creatures. The number of spawns is related to the number of players attacking her. Luckily, they’re not resilient, so the best way to deal with them will probably be some quick-ranged weapons like darts or throwing knives. This boss will try to run away from you and hit you from a distance with magic and ranged attacks.

3. Vet’ion

Vet’ion is the boss whose aspect will change so that he’s in line with the other bosses. He’ll get a cosmetic upgrade, and his pet will also get the same enhancement. You’ll be able to choose the pet’s appearance from the new version or the legacy version, whichever you like more.

The fight will require you to position correctly and to attack mindfully by watching the position of Vet’ion’s shield. This is because one of his new abilities is to deflect the received damage while he’s holding up his shield.

Reaping the Rewards

Jagex is adding an increased drop rate of high alchemy items, which translates into more OSRS gold per hour and adding a few extra unique rewards to the existing ones to make the wilderness a more attractive place.

Thammaron’sSceptre will receive a rework, becoming the first powered staff you’ll be able to use against other players in a non-minigame environment. The max hit of this magic weapon will be your magic level divided by three minus 8. For example, if you’re magic level is 60, your max hit will be 60 divided by three minus 8, so 12, whereas with 99 Magic, you’ll be able to max hit for 25. You’ll be able to get a new upgrade for this from Vet’ion, and you’ll need either 85 Crafting or 500k OSRS GP to upgrade the item. Venenatis will drop a similar upgrade for Craw’s bow and Viggora’sChainmace.

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