A Comprehensive Guide to the Downloading Service Real-Debrid


Are you tired of endless buffering and restricted downloading on your favorite streaming players like Roku or Fire TV? Look no further than Real-Debrid.com! 

With their subscription service, you can unlock a world of unlimited downloading and seamless streaming experiences. But before you get started, you’ll need to activate your device on real-debrid.com/device using the unique authorization code provided.

So why wait any longer? Read our comprehensive guide and follow the simple steps and start enjoying the hassle-free streaming and downloading experience that Real-Debrid has to offer.

Say goodbye to buffering and downloading restrictions, and hello to the ultimate streaming experience with Real-Debrid!

What is Real- Debrid?

Looking for a hassle-free way to download your favorite files without any restrictions? Look no further than Real-Debrid! 

This high-speed downloading service allows you to download virtually any file in no time using your internet speed. And with access to a diverse range of unrestricted hosts, you can download to your heart’s content without worrying about any pesky limitations.

But that’s not all – Real-Debrid also offers a premium streaming experience, providing you with high-quality streams that are both reliable and lightning-fast. 

Say goodbye to endless buffering and hello to seamless streaming! And for those using streaming apps or Kodi add-ons, Real- Debrid is a game-changer, optimizing buffering to deliver an unbeatable viewing experience.

So what are you waiting for? With Real- Debrid, you can enjoy all the media content you love with fast downloads and premium streaming.

How To Create an Account on Real- Debrid?

To use Real- Debrid on your device via the official website, you must subscribe to their services and create an account. Follow these instructions to sign up on Real- Debrid:

  • Visit real-debrid.com and locate the “Sign Up” button in the top right corner.
  • Choose your preferred language and then enter all your required details in the designated field and then proceed to the next step. 
  • After reading and accepting the Terms of Service, click the “Sign Up” button.
  • After that, you need to check your inbox to see whether you got an email or not.
  • Log in to your account with your new credentials.
  • Purchase a premium plan using your debit or credit card.
  • Activate this on Kodi after securing a premium plan to start enjoying its services.

Real-Debrid Membership Plans

If you are new to this platform, then we have listed here the membership plans of this . Choose the most suitable plan according to your use from the following: 

Membership Validity Membership Fee Fidelity Points
15 Days $4 150
30 Days $5 200
90 Days $11 450
180 Days $20 800

How to Activate Real-Debrid on Kodi?

Get Started with this amazing downloader on The Crew Kodi by following these quick and easy steps:

  • To kick things off, ensure that you have an account set up. If you haven’t already done so, head to their website and register.
  • Next up, launch The Crew Kodi add-on on your device. If you prefer, you can use any other device of your choice.
  • Scroll down to find the Tools option, and click on it.
  • From there, select Resolve URL: Settings on the next screen. 
  • Now it’s time to select Universal Resolvers and (Re)Authorize My Account under this streaming downloader option.
  • Upon doing so, you’ll be presented with an activation code on your screen. Ensure that you manually input the code on real-debrid.com/device within 120 seconds.
  • Note down the authorization code and proceed to https://real-debrid.com/device on another device.
  • Enter the code displayed on your original device and tap on Continue.
  • Log in using your account credentials.
  • If you’ve entered the correct code, you’ll be caught up with a success message on your screen that reads, “Application allowed. You can close this page.”
  • You’re now ready to head back to The Crew and use the Search feature to watch your favorite movies and shows.


Do I need a VPN for a Real-Debrid?

No, it is not a must to use a VPN for using this application, but it is highly recommended to use it for its safe and secure use.

How many devices can you use with a Real-Debrid?

A single account of this downloader can be utilized across multiple devices, provided that they share the same IP address.

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