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If you are one of the entertainment lover, then you must be enchanted by this exclusive streaming device, the Starz app. Access a vast assortment of films and exclusive series by maintaining a valid subscription through either a partnered TV provider or via direct sign-up at its official website.

To indulge in this channel on your preferred living room device, such as Roku, FireStick, Apple TV, Android TV, and more, install its TV application and activate it by visiting the official website.For those who are not well aware of the method of its subscription and activation can sit and relax and read this to the end to start the process.

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Basic Requirements For Activation

To activate the app, you need to follow all these essential requisites to use it:

Valid Subscription: An active subscription through a participating cable or streaming provider is necessary to access the content. Ensure you have subscribed to any of the subscription plans of the app.

Compatible Device: A device compatible with the app is required. Enjoy the flexibility of accessing the app on various devices, such as smart TVs, streaming media players, gaming consoles, and mobile devices. To ensure compatibility with this application, it is recommended to visit the website for device-specific information.

Active Internet Connection: A functioning internet connection is essential for accessing the app and its content. Without internet access, the live-streaming app cannot be enjoyed on any of your devices.

Activation Code: An activation code must be provided to activate the app. Once the app has been installed, this code will be displayed on the device screen. You need to save that code from entering it while activating the app on any of your devices. 

Separate Device for Activation URL: To access the official activation URL, a separate device will be necessary. The URL can be accessed on its website. You need to visit the official website of the app and activate it by using this link.

How Can You Subscribe To Starz App?

If your cable or satellite provider currently offers, there is no requirement to pay any additional fees. If you are a direct subscriber, please follow the steps outlined below.

  • Begin by accessing the Sign-up page from the official website.
  • Enter your email address, and then move toward the CLAIM OFFER button.
  • On the following page, input your payment information, including Credit Card or PayPal details.
  • Select the SUBSCRIBE button.
  • Next, finalize the payment process and adhere to any on-screen instructions, if applicable.
  • Upon completion, your subscription will be activated.

Starz Activation on Different Devices

Starz allows its users to enjoy it on multiple devices. Whether you have a Firestick on an Android TV, you can easily activate the app on it. This guide will tell you step-by-step procedures for activation of the app on different devices:

Steps of Activation on Android TV

If you want to stream the application on the big screen of your Android TV, then you are required to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Go to the Apps section and open the Google Play Store app.
  2. Use the search function to locate the app.
  3. After locating the app on your Android TV, simply tap on “Install” to commence the download and installation process. 
  4. Once the installation is finished, press “Open” to launch the app on your Android TV.
  5. On the welcome screen, select the login option.
  6. Your Android TV will display an activation code. 
  7. Visit on a browser, enter the code, and click SUBMIT.
  8. Activate the app on your Android TV: a. Sign in with your login credentials (email address and password). b. Choose Log in 
  9. With TV Provider, if you have a subscription through a satellite/cable provider. Choose your service provider and input the appropriate credentials.

Steps Required For Starz Activation on Firestick

For Amazon Fire TV owners, here are the necessary steps to activate the application on your device:

  • To begin your premium entertainment experience, power on your Amazon Fire TV and navigate to the home screen.
  • Access the Find option to initiate a search for the app. 
  • Once located, select the app from the search results and proceed to install it by clicking the Get button. 
  • After installation, open the app to enter its interface. 
  • Within the app’s top-left menu, select the login option and click the Get Code button. 
  • Observe the unique code that appears on your TV screen. 
  • Before proceeding, take a moment to gather your thoughts. 
  • On a separate device, visit and input the code into the designated field. Submit the code to progress further. In the unfolding path, demonstrate your eligibility by providing your email address and password for sign-in and activation. 
  • If you accessed this process via Google or Apple, utilize those respective credentials. Alternatively, if you prefer assistance from a TV provider, select the Log in With TV Provider option to access their services. 
  • Declare your affiliation by choosing the appropriate provider and supplying your login credentials to finalize the activation process.

Steps Required For Starz Activation on Roku

If you have a Roku device but are still unable to activate the app on it, just follow these simple steps, and you are good to go: 

  1. Navigate to the Roku home screen and scroll down until you locate the Streaming Channels option.
  2. Utilize the Search feature to locate the app within the vast sea of options.
  3. Once the app has been located, initiate the installation process by selecting the Add Channel button.
  4. Upon completion of the installation, proceed to launch the app and select the login option situated in the upper left corner of the welcome screen.
  5. Your TV screen will then display a unique authentication code and activation link, which can be found.
  6. To activate the app, access the aforementioned link on a separate device, such as a mobile phone or personal computer.
  7. Enter the provided authentication code into the designated field and then proceed to click the SUBMIT button.
  8. On the following screen, select either of the following options, depending on your subscription status: enter your login credentials or select the Log in With TV Provider option if you subscribed through YouTube TV, Hulu, or a cable or satellite service provider.
  9. If opting for the latter, proceed to select your service provider and enter the relevant login details to complete the activation process.
  10. Any remaining prompts to finalize the activation process and unlock access to premium content.

Steps Required Starz Activation on Apple TV

For all the Apple TV users, we have brought out some very simple and easy steps to activate the app on it:

  1. Begin by navigating to the main menu on your Apple TV and launching the App Store.
  2. Use the Search function or manually browse to locate the app within the vast collection of offerings.
  3. Once the app has been located, initiate the installation process by selecting the Get option.
  4. Wait patiently as the installation completes.
  5. Once the app has been successfully installed, launch it from the main menu on your Apple TV.
  6. Upon launch, navigate to the login option situated near the top-left corner of the app.
  7. Your TV screen will then display a unique activation code, which you will require to activate the app.
  8. On a separate device, open a web browser. And visit the official website.
  9. Input the activation code displayed on your Apple TV screen into the designated field, and then click on the SUBMIT button.
  10. If you want to access through a cable or satellite provider, select your provider and enter your sign-in credentials.
  11. Alternatively, enter your email address and password to complete the sign-in process.
  12. Congratulations! You can now enjoy access to premium content on your Apple TV.

Methods to Stream Starz Without Cable

For those who have cut the cord and sought to watch without traditional cable, there are various viable options available. There are two methods for viewing without cable. Available both are discussed below:

  • One alternative is to utilize Sling TV, a well-known streaming service that presents three distinct plans: Sling Orange, Sling Blue, and Sling Orange + Blue. As it is a premium channel, it is not included in their basic plans. Consequently, subscribers must add the channel to their subscription through Sling TV’s “Extras.” After subscribing to it, users can watch a variety of on-demand shows, movies, original programming, and more.
  • Alternatively, Philo is another streaming service that began offering the channel in the middle of June 2020. Philo allows users to include as an add-on channel for only $5 per month during the first three months and $9 monthly afterward.


How Do I Activate This On Tv?

Discover the channel by searching and tapping on "OK" to install it on your device. Initiate the channel and sign in with the email address and password you used to register for the service. Head to the official website and input the activation code displayed on the TV screen in the designated box to activate the service.

Why Can’t I Log In To this Application?

Encountering the "failed login" error message repeatedly may stem from several underlying factors. If you're attempting to access from outside the United States or employing a VPN, logging in might be unattainable. If you're using a VPN, experiment with deactivating it before r login in.

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