A Comprehensive Guide to Air Track Mats: Everything You Need to Know:



If you are an acrobatic person, you should know everything about Air track mats. These are big landing spaces used in acrobatics where anyone can play on air trick mats and land securely without having any problem.

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Many people think about air track mats that can be used for specialist acrobats, but in fact, no particular/precise customer is there for air track mats. You may be a non-expert or an expert, and you may be an acrobat or a non-acrobat or the one who is new to this entire place.

The most important reason for using these air track mats is to give the customers a flexible launching platform while performing air tricks. In whatever place you are performing air trick mats, you will need a smooth protection pad for this.

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There are many advantages/ benefits of using Air track mats, So let’s take a look at the best-

  • As we already know, air track mats are so thin in size and movable with the support of which you will be able to pull them from one position to the other. Well, there is no particular place for using air track mats, because many people make opinions that we can use air track mats only at gyms, but, in reality, you can use air track mats at any place wherever you want even if you can use them as your home gym.
  • Just be assured that you are performing it on a straight horizontal area, where no hurdles or difficulties are found.
  • The Air track mats will help you to build a workout landing place that instantly helps you in making fewer possibilities of damage.
  • Using the air track mats, you may also get an excellent jumping facility that ideally provides you a chance to get a better height. And Acrobats will grow their confidence level whenever they perform on-air track mats.


There are various factors that you need to keep in mind for selecting the best air track mats, noted as below:

  • The primary and most significant factor is the height/length of the air track mat. You can purchase the air track mat at so many options of lengths, for example, 3 meters, 4 meters, and 6 meters. With this factor, you may choose the best-required air track mat of your preferred length according to your height and needs.
  • The second factor to remember is the air track mat’s deepness/ base. You may purchase 10 cm air track mats and 20 cm air track mats. But if you are so tall, you will have to choose the 20 cm air track mat, which will be the best option for you.
  • The last factor is that you must remember to choose the air track mat with the perfect width of the air track mat. If you are searching for a broader and more qualified landing place, then a thick/wider air track mat will be the correct choice for you.

What Are Air Track Mats Made Of?

Consecutively giving a complete guide for doing jumps, bounce activities, flips, and balance, air track mats should be produced from solid and springy stuff. Top air track mats are produced from martial-ranked Polyvinyl chloride drop-stitch substance that is solid and water-resistant.

Drop stitch is a unique overlaying technique that uses fabric wire to stitch the upside portion and downside surfaces of the air track Polyvinyl chloride stuff. The technique gives the required strength and durability of air track mats vulnerable to intimidation and blowing from the performing players.

However, air track mats are still producing stable, excellent stuff, and these mats are not everlasting. Fire and exhaustion may destroy them.

Are our Air Track Mats Very Expensive?

Yes, It’s a fact that air track mats are more costly than the other prescriptive soft pad mats. Their cost ranges at approx $100, and it can also reach the highest possible level of $1000.

As we described earlier, the target of using air track mats is to give the players more flexibility in their workouts to increase height, steadiness, constancy, and security compared to the other padded floor mats. So it’s suggested to use air track mats in a clear and secure place that should be away from direct sunlight and free of solid things and materials.

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