5 Apps That Created a Buzz in the World


Back in the 90s, most of us had those little diaries in our pockets all the time. It helped us save numbers, create to-dos, and take notes.

Fast forward to this day, if you pull a diary out of your pocket, people will ogle at you for your ancientness. That is because we have transitioned into an intelligent world.

Smartphone apps have changed our lives. From social networking to note-taking and everything in between, these apps cover all the nitty-gritty of our lives.

According to the 2021 calculations mentioned at Clever Tap, there are 2.87 million apps available to download from the Google Play Store. Meanwhile, the Apple Store has 1.96 million apps in its stock.

You will find hundreds of applications for one task that you are willing to execute. Scanning through the lists could be overwhelming and frustrating. It would be best to refer to a guide that tells you how to tread across the digital climate.

Below, we have listed apps that created a buzz in the world for their distinct ideas, unique interface, and impeccable content.

1- YouTube

The official YouTube application has a lot to fulfill your entertainment and knowledge needs.

The app is styled with a minimalist and card-based theme. The thumbnails are wide, and the overall interface has a muted grey-white skin. The details like HD-quality content, pinned search bar, and smooth scrolling give a polished feeling to the application.

The app contains videos from all over the globe. People share their talents, secrets, and hacks. Moreover, some celebrities and icons share their lives behind the screen, and professionals teach new skills and whatnot.

It won’t be wrong to state that you will find videos of every type. The question is, are you all set to get it started?

2- Whatsapp

Whatsapp is a free-calling and chatting application used by more than 28 million people in more than 180 countries. It is a reliable application with a simple interface.

You can send personal messages to your friends and family without any threat of malicious entities spamming the data. It has end-to-end encryption that ensures no one can listen or read your conversations.

Businesses can use this application to share images, videos, and documents. They can also include spreadsheets and PDFs with customers in groups or individual chats. The platform has an address book that allows people to share their current live locations with other Whatsapp users.

People can set a profile picture, change the background images, and choose notification sounds. To sum it up, this application is a comprehensive package to help you keep up with your social and professional circles.

3- Instagram

Instagram allows you to share your videos and photos with friends and followers. You can connect with your friends, expand your social circle, and let them sneak a peek into your life.

The Instagram community is vibrant and helpful. You can explore like-minded people from the world and befriend them. You can also promote your work and skills and let the world know about your distinct talents.

Its feature Insta Reels creates a new way for you to discover and make short videos. You can watch the videos, like, and comment over them to let the creators know what you think.

The app’s Direct section allows the users to send messages to other users in a private chat. Apart from this, the Instagram Video section allows the users to subscribe to other people’s video collections and follow them religiously.

You can even use one of the Instagram Spy apps to see what people are discussing about you.

4- airG – Meet New Friends

The chaotic world may lead us to feel lonely and depressed. You crave a friend who understands you and listens to your rambling.

Even though only a few lucky ones can find such mates, you can always try. Right?

The airG application brings you a community where you can chat and make new friends. Having over 100 million users globally, this is one of the most appreciated chat applications.

You can view who is online locally, talk to them, and make meet-up plans. The app allows you to browse people by age, location, gender, and more. This ensures that it connects you with the right people and makes lifelong friends here.

Although some people may be hesitant towards such applications, reading airG reviews – the positive side helps us understand how some applications stay on their toes to bring a secure setup for their users.

5- Gmail

The intense influx of emails may be overwhelming and confusing. It is essential to have an application that gives you a clear view of all your folders and effortlessly handles the emails.

One such application is Gmail. It offers a robust interface with extraordinary features and a fast speed. The app has filtering options and innovative replying features. It also supports all the notification features provided by Google, such as icon badges and pop-up previews.

You can switch between multiple accounts and search your emails faster using the bar at the top. The app also allows you to organize your emails by starring them, deleting the junk, and reporting the spam.

Gmail is a part of the Google Workspace that allows you and your team to connect and share documents or images. Apart from the inbox, you can also connect with coworkers using Google Chat or Google Meet. It suggests actions like Smart Compose, Smart Reply, Grammar Suggestions, and nudges.

And last but the best part is that its machine learning model blocks more than 99.9% of spam and malware from entering users’ accounts.

Parting Notes

It is intriguing how these apps have created an endless buzz in the virtual spheres. If you look closely, you will discover that they can keep the users engaged for hours.

There is a lot to keep the users occupied, from the structure of these apps to their features. And this is how they have successfully gained loyal users.

People return to these apps every day, which makes them a raging success.

If you are a developer, you should learn a thing or two from their developers. And if you are a smartphone user, consider installing these apps to make your life more happening and connected!

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Justin Cody
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