9 New Apps to Socialize with Friends


This meme is a perfect depiction of our lives these days.

Not to trivialize the pleasure of eating and sleeping, but socializing, talking to people, listening to stories, narrating tales, and interacting with people are parts of our lives that we can’t skip.

And we are animals, after all… animals who are on social media.

So, the only difference between a lion living in the jungle and me is that I use Messenger to chat and Insta to DM. Otherwise, the animals socialize too; they do it only in person, and no Mark Zuckerberg in the jungle facilitates it.

Talking about Mark Zuckerberg enabling my social endeavors, how many social media apps are out there? Is anyone keeping a count? Statista, I am looking at you.

But, the even bigger question is that how many of them we know about. Hmm! 10, maybe 15, or 20 if you are wild socializing-apps-enabled social animals. But, there are many fun apps to socialize with your friends. Some of these apps are mentioned in this blog:

(P.S. If you don’t find the usual apps like Fb, WhatsApp in the list, know that we deliberately left them out)


Of course, the name gives it away.

It is an app where you swipe people left and right unless you find a suitable person. But, these suggestions are not random. Friender suggests profiles based on the users’ interests.

When someone signs up at Friender, they fill out their details which also include interests. Friender match people who have at least one common interest. In this way, people have a conversation starter and something to talk about.

Once the ice is broken, it is just a matter of time before we become friends.


No, not the dating one. If you have used Bumble, there is an option to set the nature of the companionship you are seeking.

You can choose between relationship and friendship. You can switch to ‘bff’ mode if you want to befriend people. It will show you a list of all those who have set their preference to bff. And in the process, if you get to know your bff well, maybe… that’s the sign. <3


Meeting new people is fun, chatting with them is wonderful, getting to know them is surreal. But how about meeting them and chatting with them live?

With Skout, you can find new friends, and instead of getting to know them through messages, you can have video calls with them. Discover people in your vicinity or around the world. If you find someone, indulge in a fun chat over a live broadcast.


What is more fun than meeting new people? Meeting new people who share the same interests as you, have similar hobbies, and are excited by the same things.

Meetup is an app just that ticks all these boxes. It is more than just introducing two people. It introduces people who have the same interests and like similar activities. Once you meet such people, you can partake in those activities.

It allows users to choose from a list of assorted activities and interests like adventure, reading, writing, photography, cooking, arts, etc. Based on these recommendations, the app recommends clubs, events, functions, and meetups happening in the vicinity.

You can join these events and become a part of the community of like-minded people who share the same interests as you. You can also host an event and invite people to be a part of it.

Meet My Dog

All the dog owners know that dogs are not only affable companions, but they are also a great conversation starter when random people walk up to you and say: “Hey! You have got a lovely dog. What’s its name?”

But, using dogs to meet new friends sounds like a cool idea. Meet My Dog turns this idea into a reality. You can find dogs in your area through this app, chat with the owners, meet them, and if you guys hit it off, set a dog date with both of your pups too.

airG – Meet New Friends

New in a city and want to make friends? Are you traveling to another city and want to acquaint yourself with someone here? airG community is here to help you.

With more than 100 million users, you can always find people from various countries. Have a casual get-to-know-you chat or share your stories with some like-minded people; there’s always a chance of someone being there for you on this app.

This airG scam free community has improved features for more accurate matches and bug fixes.


If the name of this app feels a bit out of sorts for match-making or socializing app, it is because the app has an unusual way of introducing people.

The name ‘ATLETO’ is from athletics, and this is the common point between people who meet through this app.

Meeting people who share interests with you is great, but how about going on a marathon and getting to know new people?

If you can’t get your friends together to kick the ball, then ATLETO is the place to try. The app offers various sports like baseball, golf, tennis, exercise, climbing, etc. You can join these teams, classes, programs, events and meet new people.

The best thing is that these are proper sports training events with coaches and professional training. It is an ideal platform for students to indulge in athletics, and they can even host their own games, training, and tournaments.

The platform also allows virtual sessions. Once you have created the events, put the streaming link in the activity chat, and people will join it.

ATLETO has collaborated with some of the best colleges in the country, like Southern Connecticut State University, The College of New Jersey, and Northeastern University.


From ATLETO, we are back to an app with a cute name. Yubo is another fun app for meeting new people. Here, you can interact with people through chat and live streaming.

The app is also filled with fun features like facial filters and YouTube streaming, where you can watch your favorite video with the other person by live-streaming it.

Yubo not only connects individuals but also fosters community. Join a community to participate in activities like art, yoga, music, sports, dance, travel, and LGBT groups.

This app has no place for boredom because it has games like TBH, quizzes, picture guessing where the fun is unlimited.


The strictly ‘platonic friends’ app Patook is for those who only want to be friends and nothing more. Every relation on this app is ‘friendship only.’ They are very strict regarding this rule. The app has an automated method of determining when someone is flirting.

Even a hint of flirting on Patook and your account is blocked.

The app allows you to pick friends based on particular interests. Say you want someone who loves cooking pasta, plays guitar, or does yoga, you can specify this interest, and the app will show you people who like these activities.

Final words

Socializing is fun, simple, and convenient with the help of these apps. Meeting new people, befriending them, and getting to know them had never been this easy.

With all these apps out there, you don’t have to limit your friendships due to geographical boundaries. Go out there, explore the world, and make friends from across the globe who share the same interests as you.

Justin Cody
Justin Cody
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