500 Most Common Words in English


One of the best things you can do to improve your English skills is to learn the most common words used in the language. Learning new words is always beneficial, but learning the most common words in English can be especially helpful.

By expanding your vocabulary, you’ll be able to better communicate with others and understand what they’re saying. Additionally, you’ll be able to read more fluently and pick up on context clues more easily.

Learning vocabulary is not enough to master the English language. One of the best ways to master English is to find an English tutor. You can also learn French with a French tutor on AmazingTalker! However, knowing some keywords can give you a leg up in conversation and help you better understand native speakers.

Common Words in English

Here Is A List Of 500 Common Words In English, In Alphabetical Order:


About, Above, Across, After, Again, Against, Almost, Alone, Already, Also, Although, Always, Area, Arms, Army, Around, Ask, Away,

Accelerate, Ability, Absolute, Act, Active, Addict, Admire, Adventure, Affect, Aggressive, Agreement


Baby, Back, Before, Believe, Best, Big, Black, Block, Blue, Body, Bone, Book, Born, Bottom, Box, Boy, Break, Bring, Business, Buy, Ball, Beach, Beautiful,

Bedroom, Brass, Bread, Breakfast, Brothers, Bus, Business, Bible, Barber, Bank,  Blankets, Beer, Belt


Call,  Car, Care, Carry, Catch, Central Century, Chair, Chance, Change, Chest, City, Close, Cold, Comfortable, Color, Company, Creature, Calligraphy, Cab, Chat, Cherry, Chide, Cider, Cigar, Claim, Clamp, Class, Clip, Clue, Coach, Collar, Comely, Copse, Cost, Cabbage, Calm, Camera, Candle, Cancer, Capital, Captain, Car, Carbon, Cord, Care, Careful, Carrot, Carry


Door, Down, Dozen, Draw, During, Damsel, Dance, Danger, Dawn, Date, Daft, Death, Decide, Declare, Defeat, Debt, Doubts Drab Dreads Dress Drums, Dust, Dykes Dynast, Dictionary, Dominate, Deem, Derive, Definite, Diminish, Daily, Dilemma, Dissect.


Eaglet, Ear, Early, Earth, Easter, Ebony, Echidna, Edible, Eight, Elk, Elephant, Eleven, Embargo, Emerald, Emotion, Emperor, Energy, Enormous, Eager, Excited, Extraordinary, Easy, Embrace, Enjoy, Expect, Encourage, External, Example, Excite.


Face, Family, Far, Farm, Father, Feel, Field, Few, Find, Floor, Flower, Following, Food, Foot, Force, Form, Friend, Front, Full, Fall, Famous, Fare, Farm, Fast, Fat, Fate, Fear, Feast, Feather, Fee.


Game, Garden, Get, Give, Glass, Grow, Greetings, Goodbye, Gadget, Garden, Gate, Garage, Gather, Ghost, Gift, Girl, Glad, Glass, Gloves, Glue, Go, Goal, God, Gold, Golf, Good, Goose, Gargle, Glaze, Glimpse, Glitch, Garrison,


Hair Hand Hard, Hear, Hole, Home, Hope, Hour, House, Habit, Huddle, Hearth, Herd, Haze, Hoist, Honey, Host, Hungry, Hurry.


Idea, Important, Inside, Instead, Incline, Iron, Image, Inch, Identity, Island, Indicate, Industrial, Individual, Ingredient, Interact.


Just, Justice, Judge, Judgment, Jump, Junior, junk, jury, justice, jewels


Keep, Kind, Kitchen, Know, Knee, Knife, Knowledge, Key, Kid, Kill, Kick, Kiss, Kitten


Land Large, Least Leave Left, Life, Light Like Little Live Long Look, Letter, Laugh, Law, Lazy, Leaf, Learn, Liberty, Library


Magazine, Mail, Make, Man, Map, Marble, March, Mark, Market, Marry, Mask, Mass, Mate, Math, Matter, May, Meadow, Mean, Measure, Meat, Melon, Memory, Milk, Mine, Minute, Miss, Mist, Monday


Name, Near, New, Next, Night, North, Nothing, Notice, Now, Number, Natural, Network, Newspaper, Noise, Necessary


Ocean, Opera, Often, Old, Once, Only, Open, Order, Our, Out, Outside, Over, Own, Orchard, Other.


Page, Pain, Paint, Part, Party, Pass, People, Pick, Picture, Place, Plane, Point, Police, Political, Poor, Possible, Power, Practice, Present, Press, Probably, Pull, Put.


Question Quick, Quiet, Queen, Quarter, Quiz, Queue


Rather, Reach, Real, Remember, Return, Right, Ring, Road, Room, Round, Rub, Rule, Rain, Raise, Really, Receive, Recent, Regular, Relate, Rich, Rise, Road, Roll, Roof, Rough, Round, Rub, Rule, Run, Rush.

Common Words in English


Same, Say, School, Science, Sea, Seat, Second, Section, See, Select, Sell, Send, Sentence, Separate, Show, Side, Simple, Since, Sing, Sir, Sit, Size, Skin, Small, Smoke, Snow, Some, Soon, South, Speak, Special, Stage, Start, Store, Street, Strong, Study, Such, Suddenly, Sufficient, Sure.


Table, Take, Talk, Tall, Thin, Theater, Thing, Though, Thought, Through, Throw, Thus, Today, Together, Top, Toward, Town, Trade, Transportation.


Under, Until, Up, Upon, Us, Use, Usually, Ugly, Unhappy, Utility


Very, View, Voice, Vacation, Valuable, Various, Very, Victory, Violent, Visit, Voice, Vote


Wait, Walk, Wall, Want, War, Water Way, Wear, Week, Weight, Well, West, Whatever, While, White, Whole, Within, Without, Work, World, Worry.


Xenophobia, Xerox, Xbox, Xmas, X-Ray, Xylophone


Yard, Year, Yellow, You, Your, Young, Yacht, Yesterday, Youth, Yield.


Zeal, Zenith, Zero, Zest, Zipper, Zone, Zoom, Zoo.

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Summing Up

The 500 most common words in English account for more than 50% of all words used in written texts. This makes them a valuable tool for anyone looking to improve their written communication skills. If you want to learn how to write like a native speaker, start by learning these keywords.

You can also use AmazingTalker’s online language learning platform to get feedback on your pronunciation and accent from confirmed native speakers. Sign up today and get started on your path to becoming a fluent English speaker.

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