5 Tips on Managing Your Diabetes


The Centers for Disease Control estimates that nearly 38 million people live with diabetes in the United States. Although it is a common disease, it doesn’t have to take over your life. So there are things you can do to stay healthy and prevent diabetes from advancing. Here are five tips for managing your diabetes.

1. Educate yourself about diabetes.


Uncontrolled diabetes can contribute to serious health concerns. It can cause kidney disease, hearing loss, nerve damage, and more. Learning about this disease and its symptoms is the best way to manage it. That way, you’ll know when to contact your doctor if you notice any unusual symptoms.

2. Change your eating habits and stay active.

If you’re accustomed to eating highly-processed convenience foods, you may have to change your diet. Developing healthy dietary habits can do wonders for your body. Incorporate healthy carbohydrates into your diets, such as whole grains, fruits, low-fat dairy products and vegetables. Be sure to eat heart-healthy fish, fiber-rich foods and good fats. Drink plenty of water so you’ll stay hydrated.

Daily activity is essential for people living with diabetes. It can increase your body’s sensitivity to insulin and reduce the risk of nerve damage and heart problems.

Other benefits of exercising daily are:

● Improve Your Mood
● Sleep Better
● Boost Your Memory
● Control Your Blood Pressure
● Raise Good Cholesterol and Lower Bad Cholesterol

3. Follow your doctor’s orders.

Getting a diabetes diagnosis can be a shock to your system. This diagnosis may cause you to go into denial and downplay the severity of the disease. Follow your doctor’s orders and take medicines as prescribed. If the medicine makes you feel bad, ask your doctor to adjust the prescription or put you on another one. Work with your doctor to develop ways to manage diabetes.

Managing Your Diabetes

4. Use your diabetic pump as directed.

Diabetic pumps administer insulin in steady doses during the day. Modern insulin pumps can have a positive impact on your life. In addition to being easy to use, they are equipped with predictive technology and high-tech tools.

Tandem Diabetes states, “The beauty of the t:slim X2 insulin pump is that it is up to 38% smaller than other pumps,1 yet it can hold a surprisingly large amount of insulin (up to 300 units). With its color touchscreen, the t:slim X2 pump is also easy to read and intuitive to use for anyone familiar with a smart device.”

Innovative features and benefits may include:

● Zero Finger Sticks
● Custom Settings
● Watertight Cases
● Bolus Calculators
● USB Port Connectivity

5. Monitor your blood sugar levels.

Whether you have Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes, it is a good practice to monitor your blood sugar daily. Tracking your blood sugar lets you know if your numbers increase and decrease throughout the day. You can use this data to determine how different meals affect your blood glucose.

Be sure to ask your doctor these questions about monitoring your blood sugar.

● How often should you check your blood sugar?
● What is the best blood sugar range for you?
● What do the numbers on the meter indicate?
● What is the best device to use to monitor your blood sugar?

The power to manage your diabetes is in your hands. Following these tips can help you remain active and healthy.

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