46 Years Old Travel Blogger looks like She’s in her 20s and Shocks Fans With her Real Age


The 46-year-old travel blogger Danielle green tea looks half her age. she is forging a career on Instagram and puts her youthful pictures of healthy eating and good genes. Danielle Greentea traveled to 70 countries and spent three years documenting voyages to 90,000.

She is a Sydney-born travel blogger who gathered some likes for the azure skies and inviting turquoise waters. Her fans are equally impressed by his fit physical body and ageless face.

The travel blogger looks half of her age and puts her youthful pictures on Instagram. One fan of Danielle wrote, she has such as killer bikini body, and I can’t believe you are in your 40s. Hot Stuff! You are winning the Instagram game.

Moreover, Jam Press said, “She attributes her stunning looks to genetics Instagram filters and taking her diet and fitness very seriously.” Also, if you are thinking of becoming an influence, you will need to have a healthy dose of self-esteem.

danielle greentree

danielle greentree

danielle greentree

Danielle greentea said, I grew up on the beach and have always been very sporty and active while eating healthy; it’s quite easy for me.

Furthermore, she explained that when I became a social media influencer, I became more conscious about maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It keeps me on my toes if I have any swimwear collaboration to do.

She worked in finance and human resources and created an Instagram account to share the photos of her holiday in the Maldives with the family. Danielle was amazed when strangers liked her posts.

Danielle said she doesn’t know about the hashtag because she doesn’t use Facebook. Therefore, she had no idea about the global reach. After one week of holidays, her posted pictures went viral and were shared and published by others.

danielle greentree

danielle greentree

Danielle Greentea says that I was juggling social media side hustle with a full-time career and offered partnerships with brands., I fell into it by accident.

Well, she received enough work through Instagram that allows her to quit her day job. She believes being 46 helps her with her success. Being in my 40s, she said I can bring my life and business experiences to new collaborations and partnerships.

danielle greentree

danielle greentree

Danielle said, Attending parties and events with the young ladies in traveling is not intimidating. She said she stands at influencer events sometimes.

It might be they are half my age, but that’s okay, in fact, it was fabulous, and I had loads of fun with them. She explained that people who want to walk down on the same career path in later life would create self-confidence and pride.

danielle greentree

Danielle said the ability is to create inspire and authentic content helps you stand out, and that’s a good thing so embrace it. Never compare yourself to the images.

We see the young face on the screens, carefree and tanned free spirits traveling the world for free. You need to be yourself and don’t have to be a successful social media influencer.

Sadia Nazir
Sadia Nazir
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