Who Is Sharife Cooper’s Girlfriend? Love Story Of The Basketball Star


The name Sharife Cooper has been creating a huge buzz and capturing people’s hearts worldwide. He is stealing the spotlight globally with his incredible basketball skills. One query that comes to every fan’s mind: Who is Sharife Cooper’s girlfriend?

It is all because people are curious to know if sportsmen can be involved in dating. Moreover, if they can find love amidst their busy schedules, it adds an extra layer of intrigue to their already captivating stories!

In this article, we will discuss all the details about Sharife Cooper’s girlfriend. Stay tuned to stay in the know! 

Sharife Cooper: Who Is He?

Before coming to our point, it is essential to know about Sharife Cooper. It is for those who know little more about Sharife Cooper’s life. Sharife Cooper, originally known as Sharife Omar Cooper – a basketball star. He was born in New Jersey on July 11, 2001, but grew up in Georgia. 

Who Is Sharife Cooper's Girlfriend?  | relationship | Networth

Learning about the family behind our favorite athletes is always interesting, right? So, coming to Sharife Cooper’s family, he has a twin brother named Omar and two sisters named Te’a Cooper and Mia Cooper. His father is named Omar Cooper, and his mother is Kindall Cooper. 

His remarkable abilities on the court make him stand out as a standout player. Last year, he played for Atlanta in a tournament and got selected by the College Park Skyhawks. Despite his young age, he achieved so far in his basketball career and made his parents proud. 

Who Is Sharife Cooper’s Girlfriend? 

As you all know the popularity of Sharife Cooper. You must have a curiosity to know about his personal life. While talking about his relationship, Yes, he has a girlfriend named Ash Kaash. Ash Kaash is a gorgeous and stunning lady and was born on January 9, 1998, in Chicago. Moreover, she always had a passion for modeling. 

Therefore, she made a decision to fulfill her dream, so she started modeling. She also worked for many fashion companies. As you all know, hard work often leads to success. Her efforts paid off in this case, and she finally became a popular model. 

Who Is Sharife Cooper's Girlfriend?  | relationship | Networth

Despite this, she also has a nail company named Heaven Sent Nails. As she also likes to do art, she opened nail salons where she does nail paint. She is a famous model, social media influencer, and nail artist. Moreover, she is capturing people’s hearts worldwide.

Here are some quick facts about Ash Kaash’s life. 

Name  Ash Kaash 
Nick Name  Kaash
Popularity  Sharife Cooper’s girlfriend 
Profession American model and nail artist 
Age  24 years 
Height  5.5 feet (165 cm) 
Weight  55 kg (121 IBS) 
Eyes Color  Black
Hair Color  Black 
Shoe Size  6 US 
Date Of Birth  January 9, 1998 
Birth Place  Chicago, United States 
Income  $2 million US 
Siblings  N/A

How Did Ash Kaash and Sharife Cooper First Meet? 

How they met is still unknown because they didn’t reveal their personal information. Therefore, we need to find out how they became partners. But still, we know that they are dating each other because they often share their photos on social media. 

Despite this, they were often seen sitting in a vehicle together in public. It is all about the start of 2022. Therefore, they are together. 

Are They Dating, Or Is It Just a Rumour

As we discussed above, they are in a relationship because they observe sitting in public or other places. Moreover, they share their beautiful pictures on Instagram and other social media platforms. 

However, Ash Kaash doesn’t share any information about her relationship as she wants to keep this thing away from people’s eyes. 


Here, we will conclude our article by saying that Ash Kaash and Sharife Cooper are in a relationship. They have been dating since 2022, as they recorded together in public places. 

They both are working hard and making strides towards achieving their goals. Seeing their dedication and determination pay off is inspiring because they set an example for others to follow! 

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