Who Is Bob Menery Girlfriend? All You Need To Know


Bob Menery is a talented and popular figure in the sportscast industry. His comedic talent, sportscasting skills, and YouTube presence have made him famous worldwide. People love his videos because of his sportscasting voice, play-by-play parodies, and entertaining drive-thru antics. If you’re his fan, you must be interested to know: Who is Bob Menery’s girlfriend? 

However, in 2017, Bob Menery’s rise to fame began with a viral video in which he was showing his commentary skills. Since then, he has had a huge fan following on Instagram and YouTube, where he regularly posts entertaining videos. His journey to success is truly inspiring. 

In this article, we will talk about Bob Menery’s girlfriend. Read the entire article to get your answer! 

Who is Bob Menery?

Before answering, it is essential to learn who Bob Menery is. Well, he is a famous sportscaster, YouTuber and comedian. He studied at the University Of North Carolina In Chapel Hill and graduated in 2020. 

Who Is Bob Menery Girlfriend | 2023 Updates

Some fans said he wanted to become an actor when he was young. As we mentioned, Bob’s commentary video went viral, and he became a famous personality. He has over two million followers on Instagram and over a hundred thousand YouTube subscribers. 

Here is some quick information about Bob Menery. 

Name  Bob Menery 
Famous for  Sportscasting 
Date Of Birth June 10, 1987
Profession  Comedian, sportscaster and YouTuber 
Age  34 years old 
Zodiac Sign  Gemini 
Birth Place Massachusetts, Boston, America
Nationality American 
Ethnicity  White 
Education  Graduated from the University of Carolina 
Height  5’11 feet 
Weight  78 inches 
Net worth  $5 million 
Girlfriend  Summer Sheekey
Family  N/A

Who Is Bob Menery Girlfriend?

Here’s the answer you have been waiting for. Bob Menery is in a relationship with a popular make-up artist and YouTuber, Summer Sheekey. She uploads her fashion and guide videos on her YouTube channel. 

Like other famous personalities, she didn’t share any personal information about her parents and siblings or any additional personal information. Moreover, she started her career by posting videos on social media platforms on February 28, 2013. She has been doing this till now. 

Who Is Bob Menery Girlfriend | 2023 Updates

Talking about her career, from childhood, she wanted to become a social media influencer. Therefore, she started uploading videos of fashion and other routines and became a well-known personality. She now has approx 2k followers on Instagram. 

Here are some quick facts about Summer Sheekey. 

Name  Summer Sheekey 
Profession  YouTuber 
Date Of Birth  September 9, 1995
Place Of Birth  United States 
Age  27 years old 
Height  5’4 feet 
Weight  63 kg 
University  Rowan University 
Religion  Christian 
Nationality  American 
Family  N/A 
Boyfriend  Bob Menery 
Net worth  N/A 
Marital status  Unmarried 
Nickname  N/A 

Are They Still In a Relationship?

Yes, they are in a relationship. There were some misunderstandings created, and they broke up with each other. He said that her girlfriend cheated on her, and that’s why he ended up with her.

Who Is Bob Menery Girlfriend | 2023 Updates

But now, Bob mentioned in his Instagram post that Summer Sheekey is back. He forgave her because he loved her a lot. They are now sharing a healthy relationship and living a happy life. They will marry in the future. 


We will summarize our article by saying that Bob Menery, a famous sportscaster, is in a relationship. Summer Sheekey, a make-up artist and a YouTuber, is Bob Menery’s girlfriend. They both are in a strong relationship and will marry in the future. 

However, they faced some hurdles in the past, but now they are living a happy life together. Bob always mentions Summer in his Instagram posts and YouTube videos with love captions, clearly showing that they love each other. 

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