What To Wear Is Best In Hot Summer Days?


To understand this you need to understand a little about light. Light is an electromagnetic wave which shows wave-particle behavior. Whereas each color has a particular wavelength and energy.

When light hits a body, it is absorbed and gets re-emitted but dark colors like black, dark blue, etc. It only absorbs the light and does not re-emit it. As light has energy the temperature of that region rises. And nobody wants to get more irritated on a hot summer day.

So wear white or light-colored clothes, as they completely re-emits the absorbed light and keeps you cool.

What Colors To Wear

On hot summer days, one should wear light-colored clothing. This is because dark-colored clothing, especially black, absorbs heat. A thin colored black clothing then transmits the heat to the body, which makes the one wearing it feel hotter. As for thick ones, the heat cannot reach the skin but will make the one wearing it feel hotter because the heat from the body cannot go out as well.

So, it is best to wear light-colored clothing that is thin so the heat from the body can escape naturally while air from around can provide relief.

In early summer, autumn, and winter, each season has different colors in the heart. At the end of each season, everyone especially wants to wear a different color. Like autumn, people usually want to wear some strong and warm colors. When it comes to summer, they really want to change into some clean and clear colors. Now on this platform, I will share something with you today are the colors that you should wear in summer. They have existed in my mind for a long time, but it is really hard to describe them in words. Hope this summer can bring you some different inspirations.

Pale Pink

What pink leaves to you is melting impression more, but the pink of this one season light approximates naked color. Let a person feel sweet and not be bored with, happy however complacent. Hang down fabrics, simple silhouette, also let pink appear more qualitative.

Army Green + White

The feeling that army green gives a person compares neuter and cruel normally. This one season can try to use the outfit of the coat of army green collocation whole body white, little hale, and hearty. It will generate a soft look and make a cool feeling.

Combination of White And Yellow

Colors like White, Light Yellow are best for summer. The dresses with floral prints also look and feel good. Most of the people in the western area will like to wear a cool pair of shorts and loose shirts to feel relax.

Other Light Shades

Moreover, the soft shades of blue and pink are also very favorite colors. Blush, blush pink, millennial pink… whatever you want to call it, it is a pastel hue that is most definitely not reserved solely for spring and Easter.


You should try light colors like yellow, pink, white and there are more you can choose but make sure that you feel comfortable on that particular dress and the dress must not be tight according to your figure.

Remember, during summer days sun rays are consuming dark colors more than white. So more you wear dark colors like Black, Brown, Violet, Blue the more you feel hot.

Faheem Haydar
Faheem Haydar
Faheem is the lead editor for The Tiger News. Faheem Haydar is a serial entrepreneur, investor, author, and digital marketing expert who has founded multiple successful businesses in the fields of digital marketing, software development, e-commerce, content marketing, and more.

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