The Walking Dead Seaon 10 Finale ” Reason to Delay the Series’


Fans of walking dead are waiting for the second part of the tenth installment. everyone was looking for the release date but the series has been delayed. the tenth installment was released in two parts and the teaser of teh second part revealed in February 2020. Fans are excited to watch the episodes for the ready of the finale of the season.

the directors inform the viewers through social media that the second part had delayed due to the ongoing Coronavirus outbreak. All the world is under lockdown so that virus could not spread furtherly.

Moreover, the director also said the production was ongoing but due to pandemic it stopped. Moreover, the shooting of the Walking Dead was continued in the USA where the coronavirus cases have exceeded more than 5 lacs.

Besides creators are also decided to make episodes 14 and 15 as the finale and the 16th episodes as a standalone episode. AMC confirmed that the finale will be released in 2020anytime because the exact release date is not confirmed yet.


However, in this quarantine days, there is good news. Makers have decided to make another season. yes, the season 11 will hit the screen after the previous season finale.

So in this quarantine time you can watch all the previous seasons which you have missed.

Sadia Nazir
Sadia Nazir
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