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Social media helps people spread their message more widely than any other form of advertising. People who employ influencer marketing are called influencers.

Social media influencers make use of their looks, comedy, presentations, and even their own shows to promote products. Others have developed a brand based on this product and become trusted industry voices.

The following are the 10 top YouTube influencers who promote Canadian online gambling:


  • The Big Jackpot

  • SlotLady

  • CasinoDaddy

  • NickSlots

  • American Casino Guide

  • VegasLowRoller

  • JFK Slot Hits

  • RocknRolla’s Gambling Channel

  • Brian Christopher Slots

  • SlotsBoom Casino

The Big Jackpot Online Casino Youtube Channel

Casino Industry

If you are looking for massive jackpots at online casinos Canada, then this is the channel to follow. In The Big Jackpot, everything starts with going all-in from the beginning to find that big win.

Channel subscribers total more than 300,000, with views that once exceeded 10 million.

To get the biggest payout, the star of the show will bet the maximum amount, regardless of any risks that may be involved. As a result, you never know when the big win is going to appear in these exciting videos.


Sarah Marince is known as SlotLady, a woman recognized as one of the top gambling influencers on the internet. Even though her audience is rather a niche, she still has 179,000 subscribers.

Apart from playing at the best casino sites Canada, she even hosts her own live events. Even though she specializes in slots, she also hosts table games. Her Canadian heritage makes her a favourite among all Canadian gamblers.

CasinoDaddy – Youtube about Online Casinos

Here is another channel with almost 70,000 subscribers. However, it is still a relatively new channel to follow. The channel is owned and operated by a family of three brothers who take turns betting on new slot games available at online casinos Canada.

Their current home is Sweden, and they have gained a large following overseas, including in Canada. They offer content such as reviews, live streams, and slots gambling, as well as tips and tricks and long hours of entertainment.

Since their streams last for more than 14 hours, people can come and watch them at any time during the day.


Yet another young channel in the world of gambling is continuing to grow and gain popularity. Nick started his channel in 2017 and now has almost 40,000 subscribers.

Besides being consistent, he uploads daily, uploading some of his biggest wins, as well as some of his most devastating losses. The channel remains fairly humble, which is what attracts a lot of players to it.

Although he is not as famous as the others, he provides a charm that makes even newcomers believe that they can do well as well.


Whether playing for fun or for a living, gambling at the best online casino in Canada is full of interesting matches and exciting games. A channel dedicated to this thrilling part of gaming, VegasLowRoller explores new titles and showcases their best features.

As they provide thrilling shows with their games, they have almost reached 100,000 subscribers. It offers huge jackpots, bonus features, and a wide variety of content.

Low rollers as their name suggests are players who do not wager very much in the hopes of continuing their gaming.

JFK Slot Hits

When you want to see some high-rolling action, then this is the channel where you can see those exciting wins that you have always dreamt of.

He goes by the name of JFK, a name that is also associated with another famous person. Gambling at Canadian online casinos is not the only thing he does – he also leads a crazy lifestyle.

He does modelling, camping, handling snakes, and many other wild things. It is still helpful to watch many of his gambling videos since the video shows when to play safe and when to go all out.

RocknRolla’s Online Casino Channel

This is a far longer-standing influencer than any of the others mentioned thus far. With only 70,000 subscribers, the channel has reached over 29 million views since 2008.

Additionally, this channel features blackjack, cards, roulette wheels, and even bingo. His ability to play the games is what makes him stand out as an influencer.

Saving and low-rolling over a long period of time build up a considerable deposit. After he has collected enough, he places his bets with a maximum bet in the hope of winning a large jackpot.

Brian Christopher Slots

In the world of online gaming, he is probably the most famous and recognizable face. Over three hundred thousand subscribers have already signed up for his content and the number continues to grow.

Brian posts a video almost every day, whether he’s talking about a new slot game or a new casino service.

Thanks to his real-life entertainment, every video gets thousands of views in just a few hours. Almost every video of Brian in a casino playing slot machines is recorded on his phone. Brian’s videos combine education, information, and comedy to make gambling fun.

SlotsBoom Casino

This gambling influencer is currently stationed in California under the alias Mr. SlotsBoom. Also, he hosts a show that provides an overview of some of the latest slot games hitting the gambling industry.

Over 45,000 subscribers have been attracted to the site, where the main focus is to find out which slot game has the highest win potential.

In fact, he has even hosted live shows in Las Vegas. There’s plenty of information about the best Canadian casinos available on the show.

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