Tom Jones lovechild Jonathan Berkery Begs to see his famous father before it’s too late


Jonathan is the lovechild of Tom Jones and Katherine Berkery, who has been busking on the streets and lives in a shelter home in New Jersey. The 30 years-old Jonathan begged his father to let him come and see before it’s too late. He was hospitalized due to a bacterial infection.

Homeless Tom Jones begs to see him before it’s too late. He said he reached out to his son Mark and half-brother last year to meet with my father. I want to see my dad and make peace with him.

Tom explained the situation on Twitter after postponed his musical show in Stansted Park and Chester Racecourse with the caption that he is sorry and disappointed but hopeful for a speedy recovery.

He stated that sir Tom Jones has a bacterial infection and is being treated in hospital. The condition is being well managed and hoping for a speedy recovery. He is not able to perform tonight’s show, and that’s why extremely sorry and disappointed.

Sincerely, I apologized for the inconvenience caused to the audience who are involved in the event. Despite Jone’sJone’s £155 million fortune, he relies on commuters to drop spare change into guitar case whereMoneysignboard implores “I Need Money.” ( Please Help)

Jon was living in a shelter, and he said he never met his famous dad despite his best efforts. Also, he said I don’t want anything from my dad, just his recognition. Not having a father and grew up is very tough. I just wanted his love. Some people say I am like a younger version of my dad.

Jon was born after the Welsh enjoyed the three-day fling with Katherine Berkery in New York in 1987. However, Tom denied that he was his son and proved by a court-ordered paternity test in 1989. The singer agreed to pay £1,700 a month maintenance for his upkeep until his 18th birthday.

Well, Jon said there was never a birthday card, a single Christmas card, a call. I Just grew up with the images of my dad. All my calls and emails were wasted because he does not want to link with me.

Tom acknowledged his existence in 2008 and said it was not something that I planned; I was tricked and fell for the seduction. Those were such cruel words for Jon. After listening to this, he said it was not my choice to be born.

The 29 years old guitarist asked for money. Jon considered confronting his dad at one of his concerts. He auditioned for the ITV talent show where Tom is a mentor. His father was seen to offer advice to others is not lost his son, and Jon said All I want to chance to meet and sit with him.

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