Tips To Excel At PUBG/PUBG Mobile?


Although there are several very informative news that explains different features you are enjoying while playing PUBG, most of them are for beginners, and some of them experienced players already know them.

Here, I also assume that you are already a claw player or use the thumb with the gyroscope. If not, these tips are not for you, and you should first switch to claw as it increases your movement and speed exponentially. Check out these tips for some secure claw.

Always keep changing peeks during scouting/shooting on long-range ADS

What I will say in this context is that whenever you are trying to spot enemies or engaging in a long-range fight, keep peeking in different directions. The enemy cannot lock a headshot on you.

Notice how much my head moves. It can even be used in mid-range fights with Auto guns like ARs, SMGs, and LMGs.

Prone and fire to reduce recoil in long-range sprays

If you don’t have any bolt-action snipers, you can knock enemies with long-range sprays. The recommended guns are – M416 (with compensator and half grip) and DP-28. You can use 6x or 4x.

To reduce recoil, the best option is too prone. If you can’t get prone because of the angle, spray in crouch + peek mode. It also has minimal recoil.

When enemies push into your squad house, use your throws.

More specifically, throw a frag down the stairs and Molotov on the ground floor or their vehicle. As soon as one or more of them get knocked, they jump out from different windows and try to hit the others. Also, keep listening carefully, as enemies often frag the squad house while pushing.

Ameer Hamza
Ameer Hamza
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