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Have you ever wondered what your friends are saying about you behind your back? Have you ever seen your significant other online on Instagram when they said they were busy and couldn’t talk to you? Did you ever want to know what your crush or your ex is doing? As a parent, are you trying to monitor your child’s online activity?

Stalking on Instagram is the answer. Choose the best cell phone tracking app to do it without people knowing. This article will give you some relevant information on how to spy on Instagram messages with the help of spy software.

How to Spy on Someone’s Instagram for Free?

If you want to get information about someone and keep track of what they are up to, their Instagram profile is an excellent way to start. Most people nowadays share a detailed account of their lives on the internet, and you can get a gist of all their activities on their profile.

You can check the Tags on their pictures and find out with whom they are uploading stories and pictures, and you can find out the places they usually visit by seeing the location tags. You can also check out who they follow, what posts they like and comment on. And through timestamps, you can see at what time they are the most active on Instagram and when they come online.

However, more than spying, this shall be considered as stalking, which is not always full-proof. If you want to take your game up by a notch using spy text Instagram, you need to use Instagram spy apps.

Only when you’re using a specially designed application will you get to see what they’re doing, whose DMs are they sliding into, and all the gossip.

Top 5 Apps to Spy on Someone Else’s Instagram

Instagram spy apps or spy tools can be used to check someone’s activity on Instagram secretly.

Instagram spy tools have the following functions:

  • Undetectable remote tracking and spy on Instagram messages in the background.
  • Keep track of the posts, videos, and reels that show up on their feed.
  • Check followers and tags to check who they are in touch with.
  • GPS tracking of the target phone.

TheOneSpy is the No.1 spying app for Instagram. The app can dig out all the rabbit holes of your partner and kids without leaving their footprints on another phone. You can unveil socializing activities, like messages, chats, photo sharing, video sharing, and many more. Spy app remains hidden and undetectable and provides regular insight into the cellphone active with social messaging apps, like Instagram.

You can see the regular updates via a separate web control panel and keep tabs on your girlfriend or kids at the time and space of your choosing.

TheOneSpy is one of the few Instagram spy apps that read DM messages and other non-verbal communication without an effort. It is one of the most trustworthy applications that work for the digital well-being of children and allow you to catch loved ones playing with your emotions. The app is compatible with android and iOS phones and takes a few minutes to complete the setup on the target phone. It offers cheap subscription plans but is rich in features that easily monitor Instagram on cellphones. Other than spying on Instagram, you can record phone calls, read messages, track location, and listen to phone surroundings.


Arguably the best spy/monitoring application that can be installed on your partner’s/child’s phone without their knowledge. It will help you monitor their social media activity, text messages, locations, among other things. The app runs in the background undetected and collects information that will be sent to your control panel.

mSpy has become of the most popular apps to spy on Instagram messages and other social media texts. It is easy, reliable, and compatible with both iOS and Android.

You can enjoy a free 7-day trial before upgrading to the premium version of the app. The latter offers a lot more and is your choice if you’re looking for some great Instagram spy features.

Apart from social media spying, you can read text messages, try out GPS tracking, read emails, see call history, monitor other internet activities, and see photos and videos.


MobileSpyFree is another Instagram spy tool that users can install to spy on Instagram messages and activities. It can also be used as a real-time GPS tracker and to spy on multiple Instagram accounts at once.

It’s a free app that has over 15 added features.


This is an Instagram spy app that tracks keystrokes, messages sent and received on the app, screenshots taken, and timestamps. This app even lets you restore deleted chats.

However, to use this on iPhones, you may need to jailbreak.


This is an easy-to-download Instagram spy tool that lets you monitor text messages, allows live viewing of the target phone’s screen, and tracks calls and GPS locations. Not only Instagram, but you can also use this app to track the activity on other social media apps like Facebook and WhatsApp too.

However, all the Spytrac features are available only if you’re an Android user.


With Cocospy, you can track calls, text messages, Instagram activity, browser history, and even GPS location. Parental Monitoring and Geofence Alert are among this app’s extensive feature sets.

Now, you’ve to shell out a bit for this app. The basic plan starts at $39.99 per month.


With Instagram’s growing popularity, your kid or your employee will probably be using the platform. By keeping a check on what the other person is doing on Instagram, you always keep yourself one step ahead.

So do not waste any more time and start monitoring Instagram activity with the help of an Instagram spy app today!

Faheem Haydar
Faheem Haydar
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