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Rob Morrow is an American Director and actor. Morrow is famously known for starring in the
film Northern Exposure as Dr. Joel Fleischman. His part as Dr. Joel Fleischman earned him three
Golden Globe and two Emmy nominations for Stylish Actor in a Dramatic Series. His part as FBI
agent Don Eppes on Numb3rs also earned him credit.

Biography and Body Measures


Gist’s age is 59 times as of 2021. He was born Robert Alan Morrow on 21st September 1962, in
New Rochelle, the U.S. He celebrates his birthday on 21st September every time. Gist will be 60
years old on 21st September 2022.
He is a man of average height. Moreover, he appears to be relatively altitudinous in elevation in
his prints. He stands at 5 feet and 8 inches or 178 cm. He also weighs 165 lbs or 75 kg. His hair
color is black, and his eye color is Dark Brown.

 Birth Name: Robert Alan Morrow
 Famous as: American actor and Film director Screenwriter TV actor
 Birth Place: United States of America
 Type: Film, TV, Stage & Radio
 Gender: Male
 Birthday: 21 st September 1962
 Age: 59 years as of 2021
 Zodiac Sign: Virgo
 Spouse: Debbon Ayer
 Height: 1.74 m

Rob Morrow

Quick Facts about Rob Morrow

 Morrow went to Miami Sunset High School. Unfortunately, he dropped out on the
morning of his elderly time to begin his acting career.
 Morrow was born in New York to Diane Francis and Murray Morrow. Diane Francis was
a dental hygienist, while Murray Morrow was an artificial lighting manufacturer.
 Unfortunately, his parents disassociated when he was nine times old. Nevertheless,
Morrow has a family called Carrie Morrow.
 Morrow is married to Debbon Ayer, an actress, and patron, known for Eternal Sunshine
of the Pristine Mind. This couple tied in the love knot in October 1998.
 Gist and Debbon Ayer have been blessed with a son called Tu Simone Ayer Morrow.
Simone Ayer Morrow was born on 25th April 2005. Morrow lives in Los Angeles, CA,
USA, with his family.
 Morrow directed and starred in Maze in 2010. On 8th March 2010, it was blazoned that
Morrow had inked on to star in Jerry Bruckheimer’s new series, The Whole Verity, on
ABC. The series, The Whole Verity, was vented on 13th September 2010.

 Unfortunately, it was pulled from the ABC schedule in December. Nevertheless, Marrow
also starred in Atlas Signed Part III as Henry Rearden.
 Atlas Signed Part III was released on 12th September 2014.
 In 2017, Marrow starred in the film Designated Survivor on ABC. Nevertheless, he also
has a recreating part on the Showtime drama Billions as Judge Adam DE Giulio.
 Morrow is also a schoolteacher at the Ruskin Group Theatre in Santa Monica.
 He starred as Willy Loman in the theatre’s product of Death of a Salesperson during the
summer of 2019.

Rob Morrow

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