Nick Kroll Girlfriend: All About His Relationship History


Nick Kroll is married and has no girlfriend, as he is living a peaceful yet happy life with her dearest wife. Both of them tied the knot on the 10th of November, 2020. They have an adorable son and are also expecting their second child. Despite a successful married life, his haters have rumored about “Nick Kroll Girlfriend,” which is not true at all.

Nick Kroll Girlfriend All About His Relationship History

Here, we will uncover all about his relationship history to make it clear to readers that he is not involved in any extramarital relationship.

Who is the Wife of Nick Kroll?

Nick Kroll is a famous comedian, producer, voice actor, writer, and American actor. He is best known for his remarkable performance in the Comedy Central series, including Hello Show, Kroll Show, The Oh, History of the World, and many more. He got married in 2020 to Lily Kwong, who is 35 years old and a beautiful lady as of 2023.

Nick Kroll Girlfriend All About His Relationship History

Lily was born on the 29th of May,1988, in San Fransico, located in California. She belonged to an artistic family as her family, including her parents and siblings, are involved in art fields. Interestingly, she is also a successful landscape designer, as she is influenced by her family.

The relationship between Lily Kwong and Nick Kroll is like an open book for all their fans, as they both constantly support and admire each other in their social media posts. Both of them often share their cute moments that clearly describe their happily married life.

Relationship History of Nick Kroll & Lily Kwong

Nick Kroll found his wife on a high-profile dating app. Both of them start talking with each other as strangers. With time, they showed their interest in each other, but their relationship was a long-distance relationship as they both lived in different places. Lily was living in New York at that time while Nick was in Los Angeles.

After a while, they both first time met in New York in an event where they decided to move forward with their relationship. It’s almost been two years since they dated each other and married in 2020. 

Nick Kroll Girlfriend All About His Relationship History

The wedding ceremony of this beloved couple was very simple, and it was only attended by the priest and the couple. Both of them made the simple yet happiest decision of their life and started a new chapter of their life. They are now parents of a cute child, and it is revealed that they both are expecting their second baby.

Dating History of Nick Kroll

Before the marriage of Nick Kroll, there were many rumors about his relationship with some renowned personalities. But they were not true at all as he was dating his wife and married to her. 

Being a digital sensation, it was a difficult thing to keep his personal life confidential, but he was successful in doing it. He kept his relationship private until it became a permanent part of life. Currently, this famous comedian is living the happiest life with his family.

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