Christian Wood Signed $53 Deal After His Ex-Girlfriend Dumped Him For Not Getting Draft on NBA


christian wood ex girlfriend: The year 2015 was undoubtedly a very challenging year of Christian Wood’s life when he was not drafted by the (National Basketball Association) NBA. Unfortunately, Christian Wood Ex girlfriend also left her due to his undrafted status. That year was not only his last year concerning his career but also it turned out to be a horrible dream regarding his personal life as he lost an important figure of his life.  

Well, life is a rollercoaster journey of ups and downs. The only way to survive is to face the challenges and return with a new and better version of yourself. Likewise, Christian Wood stepped up on the landscape with a new turn by signing a deal of about 53 Million Dollars.

Houston Rocket Deal Finally Paid Off Dedication of Christian Wood

Housten Rockets are a professional basketball team based in Texas. This is also a part of the National Basketball Association (NBA). This recognized firm has truly recognized the competitive skills and potential of Christian Wood and hired him to play as a player for them with a budget of about 53 Million Dollars.

christian wood ex girlfriend

It’s really a great opportunity for Christain Wood to showcase his exceptional talent and take his career to the next level. All of his fans are very excited after this great achievement that has compensated for all his losses in the past. This is all due to his dedication and unstoppable struggle for his career.

Christian Wood’s Break-Up With Ex-Girlfriend Turned Out To Be A Blessing

Christian Wood himself talked about his past trauma of losing her girlfriend in an interview. He stated that he dropped her girlfriend at the airport after facing failure to join the NBA. And Since then, he has never seen her again throughout his life. Moreover, he said this was something that he couldn’t stop from working hard.

christian wood ex girlfriend

He also said that at that time, I needed to be more serious about my skills as he was overconfident about his skills. He thought that he was the only one with enough stamina that no one could beat him on the court. But the slap of rejection made him realize he was not true at all.

Christian has made significant contributions to his basketball career after that incident. He worked hard, and now he is best known for his athleticism and scoring ability worldwide. Not only this, he has shown clear improvements and has become a valuable asset in the sports industry.

So, it would not be wrong to say that his break up turned out to be an opportunity for him to understand his caliber and work on his growth. He continued his journey even after all his losses and now has earned a valuable name in the industry as a potential basketball player. With his continuous struggle, it is expected that he will earn more and more fame in the field in the coming years.

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