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Wei Zhe Ming, or Miles Wei, is a well-known Chinese actor who has also worked as a model and a singer. He’s famous because he’s worked really hard and is passionate about what he does.

People in the entertainment industry also love his acting. Besides his professional accomplishments, there are a lot of things his fans want to know about him.

So, in this article, we’ll explore various parts of his life and give you a closer look at who he is. Stay with us to uncover many little-known facts about this talented star.

Early Life

Miles Wei, whose real name is Wei Zhe Ming, was born on May 23, 1990, in the Shizong District of Jining, China. This is a lovely place in Shandong Province, known for its rich culture and beautiful scenery.

Although we don’t know a lot about his early life, we can guess that growing up in this area had a big impact on who he became in the entertainment world.

One thing we do know is that he had a family that supported him. His father’s name is Jiang Ping, and his mom is Wen Pei Yi. We might not know their jobs or backgrounds, but it’s clear that they helped him a lot.

Their support probably encouraged him to follow his dreams and become successful in both singing and acting in China.

So, even though we might not know all the details, it’s clear that his early life played a big part in making him the artist he is today.Miles Wei career


Miles Wei’s journey in the entertainment world has been pretty amazing. He started his acting career in 2017, starring in a love series called “Love Nagging: Season 1.”

After that, he appeared in many other TV shows like “The Endless Love” in 2017, “Dragon Day You’re Dead,” “Dragon Day You’re Dead: Season 2,” “Wait for My Youth,” and “Fall in Love.”

But it was in 2021 that he got really famous for his role in “Unforgettable Love.” People loved what he did in that drama.

After that, he kept getting big roles in other series, like “If Voice Has Memory” in 2021, “My Marvellous Fable” in 2023, “Fox Spirit Matchmaker: Yue Hong” in 2023, “I May Love You” in 2023, “19th Floor” in 2023, and “Hello, I am at your service” in 2021.

Aside from dramas, Miles Wei is also a contestant on Call Me By Fire 3. On top of his acting success, Miles Wei is also a hit in the music world.

He officially started in January 2012 when he joined a group called “Decision Team” and released their first song, “Happy Moment.”

He even won a big championship in the “Decisive Boys” online voting event in the same year. That’s why he has lots of fans in the music business, too.


Miles Wei is a famous actor and singer in China. He was recognized for his talent, and in January 2018, he received the “Top 10 Rising Stars of the Year Online” award at the first Golden Shark Awards.

It’s a big deal in the entertainment world and shows how much people appreciate his work. He’s also been pretty good at avoiding any gossip or trouble in the media.

He knows how to keep his personal life private and not get involved in any major controversies. This skill helps him keep a clean and respected image in the public eye.Miles Wei age

Personal Life

Miles Wei’s personal life became a topic of interest because of his past marriage. He used to be married to a woman named Wang Xiaolan, and it’s said that they started dating when they were in college.

They got married on October 4, 2015, which was a big step in their relationship. But even though they were committed at first, their marriage didn’t last, and they decided to get a divorce in 2020.

Sometimes, even when people care about each other, things don’t work out in the long run, and they have to go their separate ways.

Physical Appearance

Miles Wei is a tall guy, standing at 6 feet, which makes him quite noticeable when he’s in a room. He also keeps himself in good shape, weighing around 68 kilograms, and this fits well with his tall frame.

What really sets him apart are his unique features. He has very dark black hair on his head, and his eyes are a deep shade of brown. This combination gives him a really captivating and striking appearance.

It’s no surprise that his good looks and talent have made him a well-known figure in the Chinese entertainment world.

Net Worth

Ever since Wei Zhe Ming began his acting career in 2017, he’s become a big deal in the Chinese entertainment world. He’s done so well that he’s managed to make a lot of money.

His net worth, which is how much money he has, has been getting bigger and bigger over the past few years. This shows that he’s been very successful in his acting career.

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