Loki Season 2 Episode 5 Science/Fiction: Post-Explosion Update


God knows how far Loki creators will go to thrill us with epic turns and twists. Without a doubt, Loki Season 2 Episode 5 was nothing like we could ever imagine. It was totally unexpected and way mind-blowing. Though it was a bit slow, I still enjoyed peeking into the original lives of our favorite TVA characters.

So here’s what happened.

Loki somehow survives the temporal loom’s explosion but everyone vanishes away. He begins looking for everyone as we see that TVA’s “fail-safe mode is on”. Suddenly, Loki starts time slipping again and escapes just as TVA starts spaghettifying.

He automatically time slips to every branched timeline where Mobius, Hunter B-15, Casey, and O.B. are living their original lives. They do not remember anything at all. Everything is reset.

Mobius is Don, a skijet seller in 2022 who has two sons to look after. Hunter B-15 is Dr. Willis who’s busy treating patients in 2012. Casey is unbelievably none other than the famous Frank Morris who escaped from Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary, a maximum-security prison in 1962. Ouroboros is Dr. A.D. Doug, a talented scientist, and author with zero recognition in the world. Unlike others, Sylvie remembers everything but she chooses to stay on the branched timeline.

Loki asks Ouroboros (who’s now Doug) to help him fix everything. He wishes to go back in time before the explosion started. They make a theory that probably Loki’s time slipping is the key to going back. But for this, everyone should be present in the same room. Doug thinks that their collective temporal aura can ensure that they are sent back to the right time and place.

Doug succeeds in building a TemPad using the TVA guidebook that Loki gave him. It was quite a shock that Loki grabbed the guidebook at the last moment before escaping the spaghettified TVA. In fact, it was a smart move.

Loki somehow gathers everyone to Doug’s workshop except Sylvie. She refuses to come and help, as she thinks everything is finally set. She makes Loki realize that he doesn’t want to fix it because he cares. But in fact, he wants his friends back as he fears being alone all over again.

He returns, saying that all of them should go back to their timelines, as they truly belong there. But at the same time, we see Sylvie’s timeline start spaghettifying and she escapes. She finally decides to help Loki after realizing that every branched timeline is dying.

However, before they could do something, Doug’s workshop also starts spaghettifying. All of them are spaghettified and finally, Loki learns to control his time slipping.

Firstly, Loki time-slips to a few seconds earlier when Sylvie is about to be spaghettified. Then he time slips to the exact moment when Sylvie reaches Doug’s workshop. He tells everyone that he learned to control his time slipping. He further adds that it wasn’t about when and where. It is about who.

After saying this, Loki declares that he can “rewrite the story”. Loki then time slips to the moment just before the explosion starts. He focuses on O.B. to reach there.

So Loki is back to the time when TVA is still standing firmly on the ground. How will he succeed in saving the day?¬†Plus, I’m really excited to see the pre-explosion and post-explosion versions of Loki interacting with each other. This will be too much fun.

Since fans are speculating that Loki Season 2’s ending will set the stage for the Kang Dynasty, we can expect to see variants of “He Who Remains” arriving at the TVA in the coming episode. Let’s see what happens in the finale.

Kiran Yahya
Kiran Yahya
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