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On 28 August 1984, Michael Galeotti, an actor, and musician was born in New York, USA. He is better recognized as a musician for playing the keyboard in Enation’s indie rock band. 

He was also famous for being the ex-husband of Bethany Joy Lenz, a renowned singer and actress. On 11 January 2016, Michael passed away at the age of 31 due to his high cholesterol, hypertension, and diverticulitis.

Professional Career and Net Worth

In 2004, he started his journey as an actor and played a role in Jersey. Else that he did not appear in any other TV series or films.

 In the same year, he joined the music band formed by  Brothers Jonathan Jackson and Richard Lee Jackson in 2003, which later became Enation. Michael played their keyboard till 2012.

At the time of his death, Michael’s net worth was over $1 million, earned for being active in the entertainment industry. Furthermore, he likely shared his wife’s wealth as over $6 million while the couple was married.


Michael Galeotti

Married Life:

 The couple started dating in December 2005 for less than a month, and on 31 December, 2005, Michael Galeotti and Bethany Joy Lenz married and eventually divorced in March 2012. On 23 February 2011, Bethany gave birth to their only daughter named Maria Rose Galeotti.

Michael Galeotti’s Cause of Death

After the divorce from Bethany, he became an alcoholic; he was often arrested for driving under the influence (DUI).

At the beginning of January 2016, Michael was held in the hospital because of many serious health issues, including high diverticulitis, cholesterol, and hypertension. Still, he soon went home back on his cognizance. After that, he stopped taking care of his health and neglected the doctor’s advice. On 11 January 2016, Michael didn’t answer his friend’s call and remained in his Glendale home. After a while, his friend visited him, and he found Michael dead at his home. And the cause of his death was the breaking point; it was atherosclerotic heart disease.

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