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In the world, Japan is the country of many of the popular Manga and Anime that we love the most. Japan is a country famous for its unique culture. The Japanese not only have many excellent cultural values in terms of customs and human lifestyle but we are also impressed in the field of cinema. Japan is familiar to children, as many famous cartoons are from Japan. Movies, characters, and stories have made a strong impression on children. Through those cartoons, we can learn about the culture of this country. Let’s discover those great values through the coloring pages we created!


Japanese Anime

Printable Nezuko coloring sheets

Here are the famous Japanese characters, stories, Anime, or Manga that we cannot ignore:

Legendary Pokemon Coloring Pages

The first thing children remember when it comes to Japanese Anime is Pokemon. Pokemon is a famous video game that every child knows. Pokemon was first released as a video game; later, it evolved into Anime and many other games. The story of trainers hunting and catching pocket animals; they will raise and train them for competition. Each animal has different characteristics and strengths; they will use their abilities to win. Pokemon is the common name for pocket monsters.

And among those many pocket monsters, many Pokemon stand out and have impressive abilities. Legendary Pokemon is the name of a rare pocket monster with outstanding strength. They are often difficult to find and difficult to train. That’s why Pokemon trainers are desperate to get them.

Legendary Pokemon are named quite a lot; they can be Cresselia or Tornadus and many other Pokemon species. They are powerful Pokemon. Each Legendary Pokemon will appear in groups of animals representing fire, water, wind, etc.

Children will undoubtedly know Pikachu, which is considered Pokemon’s great mascot. Pikachu has brought his image around the world. Many children love and own a lot of toys from Pikachu and Pokemon.

Pokemon is also a distinctive culture of Anime. We will never forget that Japan has very famous Pokemon and Pikachu. Then parents can give them Pokemon toys or simply Legendary Pokemon Coloring Pages.

We think that, in addition to watching Anime and playing with toys, children can participate in coloring. The Legendary Pokemon Coloring Page is both a subject that children love and an excellent activity to develop for children. Coloring activities will help children be agile and intelligent and exercise their bodies and brain. Legendary Pokemon Coloring Pages stimulate the creativity and soul of children. Colors are elements that help children think and be more romantic.

Printable Legendary Pokemon Coloring Sheets are available on many websites; parents can choose, download and print those coloring pages for their kids at That will be a reliable address for parents to provide coloring pages that children love.

Mizuko coloring pages

Mizuko is known to be one of the particular and powerful demons because Nezuko’s power increases daily. Demon Slayer is a famous and popular Japanese anime. After Nezuko encounters an incident, turned into a demon. However, she still tries to keep her honest nature and, together with her brother Tanjiro Kamado protect humanity from evil.

Mizuko became hungry for human blood and ate human flesh when she transformed into a demon. She didn’t want to put others at risk for her own sake. She had always kept the bamboo tube in her mouth to suppress her bloodlust. Mizuko is a small but not weak girl; she always tries to protect humans while carrying out her mission with her brother.

Demon Slayer consists of several episodes as the story progresses. When watching Demon Slayer, we will learn about traditional Japanese costumes. Mizuko always wears traditional Japanese clothes. If children are interested in these characters and stories, the Nezuko coloring pages are the right product.

As we said, coloring pages are constantly created and redrawn based on exciting stories and famous cartoons. Mizuko coloring pages are also designed and inspired by Demon Slayer. Coloring activities can be organized in groups or individually. Children can participate in coloring with their parents or friends; they can also color by themselves. The Nezuko coloring page will be exciting coloring pages for children to discover the remarkable story of Demon Slayer. Moreover, coloring pages will help children be more skillful, careful, and focused on their tasks. We always hope that coloring pages will support and help your children’s development.


Japanese Anime

Boruto coloring pages

The children must be too familiar with the image of Naruto already, right? Then those who are fans of Naruto will not be able to ignore Boruto. It is the son of Naruto and the new generation of Ninja. Will Boruto try and become a popular Konoda character like his father?

Because there is a lot of pressure to be Naruto’s son, Boruto will have to work hard to prove his ability and strength. Let the children follow and explore the story through Boruto coloring pages. We introduce the Boruto coloring page in to hope that children will be excited and learn about this character. These coloring pages will help children practice proficiently holding, moving, and using crayons. In addition, coloring activities also help children exercise their bodies and brain. Children will have many unique ideas through colors and pictures.

Deku coloring pages

My Hero Academia is a place to train heroes with extraordinary superpowers, Deku’s story of an ordinary, lonely, and lost person, by his efforts, became the number 1 hero.

The story of My Hero Academia brought Deku coloring pages for kids. These coloring pages draw and create the main character Deku from different perspectives. Let’s try to discover what’s so special about this coloring page.

Deku is drawn with thick and long hair, big round eyes, and the familiar images of Japanese cartoon characters and shows a strong will. Following My Hero Academia, your children can color Deku’s clothes. Each time Deku will have costumes suitable for his age and strength.

Children can use the same colors as in the movie to color the Deku coloring page, or they can use their favorite colors for the color. Coloring pages will show your child’s talents, ingenuity, and interests. Parents can observe the child’s color selection to guess their preferences. Children who like a specific color will constantly choose and use it. Many children know how to combine colors to create a harmonious picture. Printable Deku coloring sheets will bring the story of My Hero Academia’s outstanding Deku boy through color.

Ninja coloring pages

Back to the Ninja subject, you find the Ninja characters exciting after exploring Naruto and Boruto coloring pages. The Ninja coloring page will give children a general look and knowledge about Ninja.

Ninja is a Japanese character with non-glanceable abilities such as stealth, martial arts, high jump, fast running, etc. They use those abilities and powers to fight or perform missions—the organization’s secret. Ninjas gain strength and capacity through training and practice.

They wear veils and are always black. They only show two eyes to make it easier to see. Are the children curious? Explore Ninja through Ninja coloring pages! We introduce unique pictures for babies. That will be an exciting subject that parents can suggest to their children. Learning about Ninja is also learning more about Japanese culture. Children will understand and practice better. We believe that the impact that coloring pages bring to children will be effective in learning, training, and playing for children.


We realize that the subjects we introduce above are all unique cultural features of Japan. Coloring pages are not simply black and white pictures for kids to color in their spare time. But they also have more meaning when helping children practice creativity, ingenuity, and concentration. Children not only learn about many colors and how to create new colors or mix colors but also explore those stories and characters. Those are also profoundly meaningful lessons for people and life. Coloring pages have more valuable things than we often think. Let’s discover great things with with quality coloring pages!

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