Lost Ark Game Guide: How to Find More Portal Stones For Quests in Lost Ark


If players are going to complete the Adventurer’s Tome for Rethramis quest, portal stones are one of the essential collectibles that player have to gather. The portal stones are used by bandits to summon Pokan the Tyrant. As it has been used, it becomes normal stones in the wild.

However, these portal stones are thought as rare items, player need to collect them to complete the Adventurer’s Tome and they will be rewarded by rare rewards.

On the other hand, if players need to equip some necessary items for your characters, you can buy Cheap Lost Ark Gold to purchase them in time. They can make the combat less challenging in Lost Ark. 

Players can have access to obtain at least one Portal Stones when they are going through the regions of Rethramis where they are completing side quests or defeat bosses. Because players find that Portal Stones and other Rethramis Collectibles can’ t be obtained from the specific enemy. However, players can obtain it randomly from any enemy in the world of Lost Ark.

There are a variety of enemies around the continent of Lost Ark. Players can have chances to obtain it from the normal quest or kill some normal bosses. They can’t make sure the chances of obtaining Portal stones in the wild. 

Players may find the normal description of the Portal Stones mentions the Loghill, which can not ensure that you can obtain the Portal Stones as you beat the farming enemies in this area.

You can try to pay attention to farm a zone where enemies bring a large amount of portal stones drops. These area may contain the zones of Loghill. If players can not get Portal Stones, they should enlarge the scale in order to increase the chances to obtain more Portal Stones. 

How to Obtain More Portal Stones in Lost Ark

On the other hand, players can choose to purchase Portal Stones from other players in the Auction House if they don’t want to waste time on searching it.

Although players may pay more coins on them, they can save more time on collecting gold rather than collecting Portal Stones in the wild of Lost Ark aimlessly.

Some players may choose to complete different kinds of quests in order to meet and kill a large amount of enemies, which will increase the chances of getting Portal Stones in the battles against bosses.

However, if players want to adopt this way to obtain the Portal Stones, you should choose the best PvE class which will provide AoE damage for enemies in the battles. For instance, players can choose the powerful support Bard, the strong tanky damage-dealing Gunlancer, and the high DPS Berserker in the Lost Ark. 

There are different ways for players to obtain the Portal Stones in the Lost Ark. You may meet various kinds of enemies in the world of Lost Ark, and you need to fight against them and try to obtain more and more drops that contains Portal Stones in the battles.

When you get enough Portal Stones for quests, you can obtain more rare items from rewards in turn. And you can also sell extra Portal Stone to earn more gold for your characters.

In the process of exploration, players may find troubles in beating some high levels of bosses, you can choose to Buy Lost Ark Gold to improve the levels of weapons or gear scores in the game, which will help you survive longer than before. You can also earn more XP for your characters in order to enhance the ability of characters during questing. 

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