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In this messy world, the filming industry is developing day by day not only by cinemas also due to the best movies streaming and downloading websites. There are a number of ways to watch movies like theatres, video streaming applications, movie downloading websites, etc.

Some old sources are available to watch movies that are popular and have amazing content on the website. Among lots of sites, is a popular one, offering amazing content of multiple categories.

It does not charge you anything to watch movies and also offers different features like downloading in multiple languages. Not only movies, here you can get the tv shows and documentaries.

The website banned for some time due to pirated content but came back. In some countries, it still considers illegal therefore, we are writing about the best alternative to just like torrent sites. Let’s start and know about what is Lookmovie and its alternative sites.

What isLookmovie

it is a popular website for streaming and downloading movies, tv shows, documentaries, etc. It offers pirated content from different sources.

Features of LookMovie

here I want to tell you about the amazing features of lookmovie website that you must know.

  • Lookmovies offers a vast range of animated shows.
  • It gives Fast speed and fewer chances of errors.
  • The short description is given along the movies, so no need to search from the internet about the film.
  • You can create your own list of movies on the app of the website.
  • Dubbed and Subbed versions are available in a large collection of movies.

How to Download movies from Look movie?

Lookmovie has multiple movies in various languages, but some users don’t know how to download the movies from this website. So here, we will tell you about the process of download movies from Lookmovie.

  • Visit the latest link of lookmovie website and search your favorite movie from a large collection.
  • The search bar is given in the top right corner where you can type the name of the movie and get the desired result.
  • After finding the movie, you need to click on the link of download that presents under a single website.
  • Click on the link and follow the respective steps and get your favorite movie.

Categories of Lookmovies

The most famous categories on the website are Bollywood, Dual Audio, Hollywood, Animated, Punjabi Movies, Bengali Movies, South Indian dubber movie, and some others.

Well, now we are going to tell you about the alternative website of Lookmovie. These are for those people who want to try different and best websites to watch movies and tv shows. As we told you, lookmovie is illegal due to pirated content and privacy policy, so not working in some countries, but no need to worry, you can use these lookmovie Alternative websites.

Well, there are many kinds of viruses that could be harmful to your devices. Therefore, be careful about that before streaming and downloading from any illegal site.

Best Alternative to Lookmovie

Go Stream

Go stream is a user-friendly website that has a wide collection of movies. It provides high-quality videos on SD and HD mode from the main or original link of the site. The site does not host any movies it kept on file-sharing hosts. Mostly the content is uploaded bu the non-affiliated users.


Putlocker is one of the favorite platforms where you can watch movies and tv shows free of cost. This domain name changed many times, and content also shifted to many reincarnations due to copyright issues. However, it is accessible by the use of a proxy website. The multiple categories are available, and you can type in the search bar and get your favorite stuff.

Movie Watcher

it is another famous Look movie alternative website where you can enjoy the amazing content with great visuals. More than ten thousand movies are available here. It is a user-friendly platform, and it is the reason behind the site’s success. There are multiple categories available, and you can get your favorite content.


There is a wide collection of movies and tv shows available. There are different content in multiple languages. You can watch the oldest one and the latest movie and tv shows here. The best thing is that the short description is also given along the content. You can download videos in 720p free of cost.


The name shows that the website is providing the best services in HD quality. The website is completely free, and you must be kept in mind there are multiple video links available. The site has some copyright issues; that’s why you should use a VPN.


Flicksmore is another secure platform to watch movies and tv shows. There are web shows, tv-series, and documentaries in high-quality. You pay some subscription fee to watch the content. Moreover, a 30-day free trial is also available.


Movierill is also known as MovieZion. Here you can get various kinds of content and do not charge anything. A wide range of movies of different genres is available here—no need to sign up on the website to watch movies and tv shows.


The website is a popular one which has independent films and documentaries. You get the amazing series that are not available on any other website. It is free of cost website, and you can also get the mobile app where the users can watch the content.

You can watch movies in unlimited quantities from devices such as Google TV, Android TV, Smart TV, and many more. Moreover, this platform offers multiple categories, such as horror, science fiction, romantic, comedy, and many more.


Let’s dive into other new websites that leak pirated content. It is illegal in Idia and many other countries. Despite the illegal site, still, this torrent site is providing the services freely and attract millions of users.

There are multi categories of movies like Telegu, Tamil, Malayalam, Bollywood, and Hollywood in the best quality videos. So you can get your favorite movie without any hassle.

Tea TV

Tea Tv is an online application where you get movie streaming and shows. You can enjoy the latest movies and content on this website.

It is a pretty huge website, and you can get the tv shows on this platform. You get the quality content of movies and tv shows of different genres, such as comedy, horror, science fiction, etc.

Movie 4u

Movie 4U is an amazing website, provides services at free of cost. You don’t need to pay a subscription fee for the website. The website has the latest movies from all around the world.

Multiple categories are available such as comedy, thriller, action, adventure, romantic, etc. Moreover, it has a smooth interface and easy to access teh content.


1337 x is one of the best alternatives to lookmovie that leaks pirated contents. It is illegal and considers a crime in India. It works best in some countries with proxy sites; however, users recommend alternative websites.

If you get access to this website, you can get several movies in multiple languages just like a torrent. Moreover, you can find Tamil HD movies, Bollywood, Hollywood, dubbed movies, and many more. The site offers free streaming and downloading.


In 2020, another popular illegal pirated site is Cinemavilla which offers movies free of cost. Not only movies, but you can also get here web series, documentaries, tv shows, and short films. You can watch online or download for watching the movies later.

It seems like other torrent sites but mostly this site focuses on leaking the latest Malayalam movies in HD resolution. It has a user-friendly interface and gives you easy navigation.

World 4U

Last but not least, World4u is a public torrent networking website that leaks the pirated content of Hollywood and Bollywood movies. Besides, it offers to stream and downloads free of cost. You don’t need to register or login on the website.

It supports multiple formats that allow you to download the movies in which you want. Lots of things are available, such as movies, documentaries, tv shows, short films, and trailers, videos, mp3 songs, and tracks.

Final Thoughts

Well after reading this article, you have the better idea to watch your favorite stuff. but We can’t ignore the offensive issues that lead to serious action.

If we Talk morally then we should not use any kind of illegal website including lookmovie. By doing so, you can save yourself from every kind of trouble.

We told you about the best website where you can stream and download the movies. Besides there are best alternatives to lookmovie also available.

We are not promoting any kind of website which has pirated content. Now you have both sides of points, so you can better decide with you should use this website or not.

If you want to use it and have an idea about the issues then we have mentioned the details and alternatives for you. So be careful and got the best website to watch movies and tv shows.

Faheem Haydar
Faheem Haydar
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