Is Dr Strange an Avenger? Here’s All You Need to Know


If you have watched all parts of the Avengers film, then you shouldn’t be asking, “Is Dr Strange an Avenger”. Of course, he is. Dr. Strange unexpectedly became an Avenger when Thanos brought upon the Infinity War. 

Is Dr Strange an Avenger? Here’s All You Need to Know

Dr. Strange met the Avengers when he was the sorcerer supreme. Since Thanos was looking for infinity stones, he went after Strange to retrieve the time stone. This is how it all began. 

Dr Strange’s Journey to Becoming an Avenger

Dr. Strange was simply a famous surgeon, “Stefan Strange,” before tapping into the world of magic. In order to recover from a life-changing fatal accident, he approached The Ancient One and eventually became a powerful sorcerer. 

Is Dr Strange an Avenger? Here’s All You Need to Know

It really didn’t take him long to possess the time stone and get started on his path as the supreme sorcerer. Sadly, Dr Strange couldn’t save anyone from Thanos. Well, there are several reasons behind it, and we’ll get to them after a while. 

For now, let’s talk about how Dr Strange became an Avenger. 

As we highlighted earlier, Thanos was after the time stone, and it was Dr Strange who had it. Banner and Tony come to Dr Strange in order to get the time money before Thanos can snatch it. However, it was an impossible choice for the sorcerer supreme. He just couldn’t give away the time stone. They were just deciding on what to do when followers of Thanos attacked, turning it into a fierce battle. Spiderman, our youngest Avenger, also joined the fight.

Dr. Strange was abducted. Iron Man and Spiderman went “literally” into space to save him. This is where they met the Guardians of the Galaxy. All of them joined hands to fight against Thanos. 

Unfortunately, they couldn’t go afar from Thanos, and he finally found them. This is where Dr. Strange peaked into all possible futures only to find out that there’s only one way to defeat Thanos. 

Is Dr Strange an Avenger? Here’s All You Need to Know

Just as Thanos was about to kill Iron Man, Dr. Strange made an impossible and unexpected choice. He gave away the time stone. Oh yes, that’s what happened.

They all were left stranded on the planet until Thanos succeeded in retrieving all the infinity stones. Thanos snapped, and half of the world’s population turned into dust. The people who disappeared included Dr. Strange also. 

Dr Strange knew that it was going to happen, but still, he gave away the time stone. Do you know why? Because he had faith in Avengers. He looked into the future, finding out that Avengers would be able to undo the damage (not entirely), but it would take Iron Man’s ultimate sacrifice, in the end, to make it happen. That’s why he did exactly what an Avenger would have done. 

It was the moment when Dr. Strange became an Avenger, leaving his responsibility as a Supreme Sorcerer behind. He saved all humanity’s future by saving Iron Man! 

So if you are ever asked, “Is Dr. Strange an Avenger,” then confidently answer, “Yes”. He is one of the most powerful Avengers we have ever seen!

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