Who is the New Iron Man? Here’s The Breaking News! 


Tony Stark, A.K.A The Iron Man, is no more, but he will always be legendary. Indeed, there’s no one who can replace him, but we have heard that MCU is going to bring forth a new Iron Man. Is this really true?

Who is the New Iron Man? Here’s The Breaking News! 

There are various fan theories about Iron Man’s comeback. Some say that Robert Dowrey Jr’s Iron Man is still alive somewhere in the Multiverse, while some believe that the character will get a new face. You’ll surely be shocked to know that none other than Tom Cruise is in talks to play Iron Man’s role. Well, well! Another interesting fan theory says that Iron Man’s daughter will carry on his legacy.

 Let’s find out if Iron Man coming back for real or not. If yes, then how!

Iron Man in the Multiverse

The Multiverse has brought various possibilities for bringing back our beloved MCU characters like Iron Man. While official confirmation has not been given, rumors have been circulating that Robert Downey Jr. might reprise his role in upcoming projects. This will probably be Iron Man’s different version from another reality. 

Indeed, this will give us a chance to witness new adventures of the genius, billionaire, playboy, and philanthropist! 

Who is the New Iron Man? Here’s The Breaking News! 

Now, there’s one more thing that spices up Iron Man’s return. It is rumored that Tom Cruise is in talks to portray Iron Man’s role. He might be Tony Stark’s variant in the Multiverse. This is possible, but we do not have any confirmation at the moment. 

I must say that we could never accept anyone else as Iron Man other than Robert Downey Jr. Anyhow if it is going to be Tom Cruise, then we may make an exception. After all, he is super hot and a perfect match for Robert!

Iron Man’s Legacy

Even though Tony Stark is gone, his legacy as Iron Man will surely live on. Some fans propose a theory that his daughter, Morgan Stark, will be the next Iron Man. I’d say if Katherine Langford is going to play Morgan Stark in the future, then this theory better be true. This will really be cool to watch her taking on the mantle and carrying on her father’s legacy. Though I am not sure what we will call her. Iron Lady? Who knows!

Who is the New Iron Man? Here’s The Breaking News! 

There’s one thing for sure – Tony’s impact will keep inspiring new heroes in the MCU, and we are excited to see what happens next!

For now — we’ll have to wait and see what Marvel Studios has in store for the future of Iron Man and the rest of the MCU. 

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