Is Deadpool an Avenger? Here’s What Fans are Expecting!


Deadpool is an MCU character, so there are many fans who keep wondering, “Is Deadpool an Avenger” or what. He is an anti-hero as far as we know, right? But he is not an Avenger, not at the moment, at least. 

Is Deadpool an Avenger? Here’s What Fans are Expecting!

Deadpool and Avengers in Comics 

If we take a look at comics, then there have been several instances when Deadpool teamed up with Avengers. However, he was never one of them. He worked with them only for his advantage. It is surely due to his intrinsic “violent and treacherous” nature that he didn’t end up evolving as an Avenger in comics. You’d be shocked to know that there’s a comic story in which Deadpool killed all Avengers! Oh yeah, this is true. 

Is Deadpool an Avenger? Here’s What Fans are Expecting!

Here are a few examples to demonstrate how comics featured Deadpool and Avengers together:

  • “Deadpool and the Secret Defenders” (Deadpool #15-17, 1998): In this storyline, Doctor Strange assembles a team of heroes called the “Secret Defenders” to handle a magical threat. Deadpool becomes an unlikely member of this team, teaming up with characters like Doctor Strange, Hulk, and Ghost Rider to face supernatural foes.


  • “Deadpool vs. the Avengers” (Avengers #0, 2015): In this special one-shot issue, Deadpool faces off against the Avengers. It explores the chaotic and hilarious encounter when Deadpool attempts to take down Avengers, leading to a memorable showdown.


  • “Axis” (Uncanny Avengers #4-5, 2015): During the “Axis” event, some heroes and villains’ personalities get inverted, leading to unexpected alliances. In this storyline, Deadpool joins the Uncanny Avengers, a team that includes Avengers and X-Men members. This happens to stop the inverted Red Skull and his villainous plans.


  • “Deadpool & the Mercs for Money” (2016-2017): Deadpool forms his own team of mercenaries called the “Mercs for Money.” Although they are not officially Avengers, they occasionally work alongside the Avengers. They come together, especially during big crossover events.


  • “No Surrender” (Avengers #675-690, 2018): In this epic crossover event, Deadpool teams up with the Avengers to avert a cosmic threat. He doesn’t become an official Avenger, but he plays a role in helping the team save the world.

Ryan Renold’s Deadpool in MCU

There is no doubt that Ryan Reynolds brilliantly portrayed Deadpool’s live-action version, and it has been an enormous hit. The unique blend of humor, action, and fourth-wall-breaking antics has endeared the character to fans in a way that is distinct from the comic books. Believe it or not, live-action Deadpool is way better than the one in comic books. Therefore, we can expect that it is possible for MCU to feature Deadpool alongside Avengers. 

Is Deadpool an Avenger? Here’s What Fans are Expecting!

We don’t know for sure if he’ll ever become a real Avenger in the movies, but all fans are excited about the idea. It would be really cool to see Deadpool with Avengers, adding a lot of laughs and action to the MCU. So, let’s wait and see what happens in the future. 

Don’t forget to keep a check on Deadpool 3. That’s because Ryan Renold’s Deadpool is going to bring back our all-time favorite X-men star Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine. If this can happen, then Deadpool can also become an Avenger! 

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