Indian clothes to be worn by Guests at Indian Weddings


Indian weddings are a delight to attend. The colorful outfits, the loud music and the food are some of the things that make these ceremonies so memorable. However, there are times when you do not know what to wear at an Indian wedding because it is not always clear what type of guest you are—and even if it were, there are so many different types of outfits out there! Fortunately for you, we have put together this handy guide on how to dress appropriately for different parts of an Indian wedding ceremony so that you can enjoy yourself without worrying about looking silly or overdressed.

Indian clothes

Indian clothes to be worn by Guests at Indian Weddings


Haldi is a traditional Indian ceremony where a mixture of turmeric, yogurt and other ingredients are applied to the bride and groom. The guests are also invited to apply haldi on themselves. This symbolizes happiness, good luck and prosperity in life for all those who participate in this special occasion.

Haldi is also applied to the wedding venue as it is believed that it brings good luck for married couples.


The Baraat is the groom’s procession to the bride’s house. It is accompanied by his friends, family members and other guests. The Baraat typically includes a band of musicians playing traditional instruments such as drums and harmoniums. The groom usually wears a sherwani (traditional dress).


After the sacred marriage ceremony, you’ll be ready to celebrate your Indian wedding reception. It’s a chance for you, your family, and friends to gather together in one place and enjoy food, drinks and entertainment.

The reception will begin with a welcome speech by the groom’s parents or an elder who has been asked to do so. They will explain what is happening during the ceremony of your Indian wedding celebration—they might even speak about their own first meeting or marriage proposal story!

Afterwards comes the most exciting part of any Indian wedding: dancing! You get to dance with all of your family members, including grandparents! Some people may feel shy at first but don’t worry—just go up there and have fun! Make sure you watch out when it’s time for everyone else’s dances though; sometimes they’ll sneak up behind each other unexpectedly (and maybe even give each other kisses!)


Pheras is the ceremony where the bride and groom walk around the holy fire seven times. The groom carries the bride on his shoulders and it is a symbol of their union. It also represents an ancient ritual in which Lord Vishnu would carry Lakshmi (the Goddess of Wealth) on His shoulders.

In Hinduism, “Phera” is an important ritual that takes place during marriages in India. It’s done before any other rituals start and shows how deeply in love you are with your partner because you’re willing to remind yourselves that everything happens for a reason, even if it doesn’t seem fair at first glance

Indian weddings are fun to attend!

Indian weddings are a great place to meet people. They are loud, colorful and fun. There is always food and dance, as well as shopping for clothes. You can see the bride in her wedding dress and take pictures of her with your phone or camera!


I hope this list of traditional Indian clothes to be worn by guests at an Indian wedding has been helpful. If you have any questions about the different types of Indian clothing that can be worn for a wedding, please feel free to contact me!


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