‘I Hated It Even More’ Spoiler: A Mysterious and Unexpected Tale


How severe is the term ‘hate!’ A loving person can use this word to express strong distaste but never hatred. However, one book is completely fit for this category and has redeeming qualities.

The novel’s name is ‘I hated it even more,’ which received much appreciation. So let’s talk about all the details.

‘I Hated It Even More’ novel is a thrilling and suspenseful journey with a captivating plot, shocking revelations, and complex characters.

It is best for those who love reading mystery and suspense novels. So, let’s unfold the secrets and twists of this remarkable novel.

In the seventeenth summer, I went into isolation as my sister and first daughter of Marquis Leonard returned after disappearing shortly after birth.

This novel takes the readers on a thrilling journey where you meet with secrets, betrayal, and unexpected alliances.

This article will explore the intriguing storyline with captivating characters and shocking twists and turns that make it a mysterious and suspicious novel.I Hated It Even More spoiler

The Unloved Protagonist

Every story has a protagonist, and I feel like an outcast in my own family. In the mansion, everyone adored my sister, as my parents were nothing but despicable individuals.

I always assisted with managing the family affairs, believing their downfall was inevitable. The burden of their incompetence will lead to their death and leave me with the opportunity to escape.

The Longing for Solitude

Isolation became my solace as I tried to distance myself from the toxicity of my family. I wanted to break all the shackles that bound me to this place.

I traveled back in time, where the chilling atmosphere and intriguing stories added the extra layer of mystery.

False Protection

My sister, who claimed to be my sister, attempted to shield me from harm under the pretense of sisterly affection.

One question came to my mind then: who will protect you? I was determined to rely on my strength and cunning to navigate the treacherous waters of this deceitful world.

The Wily Duke

There is a web of alliances and mutual interests as the Wily Duke emerged as a key player.

He proposed a beneficial deal, which would surely leave him at a loss. The writer found myself entangled in a dangerous game of power and manipulation.

Unexpected Prayers

In the chaos, a sweet childhood friend resurfaced and confessed that they had prayed to God for the first time.

There is a shifting dynamic where the innocent friendship cherished evolves into a more profound one.I Hated It Even More

Unveiling The Secrets

The veil covers all the secrets of my family, and their twisted motives begin to unravel. The tension increases, which keeps the readers on the edge of their seats.

The story has many turns and twists that leave us questioning each character’s true nature and role in the unfolding drama.

Final Thoughts

Almost 33 chapters have been released of this novel, and everyone loved it. ‘I hated it even more’ is a story of secret betrayal and the journey of a protagonist who discovers the true nature of their family.

There are characters: the protagonist, their manipulative sister, and the wily duke. New twists in every chapter keep the readers engaged in discovering the truth.

Many characters come into play, fraught with danger and making deals. The readers absolutely love the story that keeps you guessing until the very end. The novel is available in bookstores, ebook platforms, and online retailers.

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