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We have come up with I Adopted A Villainous Dad Spoiler updates and many more details about this engaging novel.

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Storyline of the Novel

The novel’s storyline highlights the life of a young girl who is only six years old. She dreams of entering a new world that is different from the world she was living in before. Her name is Amalia.

The twist comes when the villain of the story adopts her, and she is so glad to have an adopted father.

She doesn’t know that he is the villain of her story and loves him unconditionally. As the story progresses, things start to reveal to her that make the story engaging for readers.

Later, she also encountered a male lead role who started to love her, and they both came closer to each other.

He wanted to save Amaleia from her adopted dada as he got to know that he was a dangerous person and could harm her, but she loved both of them so much.

The main conflict of the story arises when Amaleia is at the point in her life when she can’t decide whom to choose or not.

What will Amaleia do? All of the fans are highly anticipating this novel to release with its new chapters to uncover the suspense of the novel.

Plot of the Novel

At the beginning of the novel, a six-year-old girl transmigrates into the world of “Saint Priscilla.” This is the holy woman who tortured and assaulted so much just because she was following her religion of Christianity.

Amelia will turn out to be a saint in the later chapters therefore, the beginning starts as she is transported into the land where she doesn’t know anyone.

In the middle of the story, Amaleia’s primary goal is to live a happy and peaceful life with her adoptive father. The name of her adopted father is Melkiade.

He is the villain of the story, but in the story, there is not anything seen about him that can predict he is harmful to her daughter.

The climax occurs when Amaleia finds a guy with whom she starts to get closer, and they both start to share a close bond.

Both of the male roles with Amaleia are our strengths, but interestingly both of them don’t like each other.

Here is the real conflict that arises in her life. Reading out this novel will uncover how Amaleia will save both of them. Or what will she do to make her life peaceful?I Adopted A Villainous Dad's plot

Characters of the Novel

Following well-written characters play distinctive roles in the plot of this amazingly created novel. Let’s get into the details of these characters and how they all take part in making this story a masterpiece.


Amaleia is a six-year-old girl who has the power to change her fate with her talented skills. She is undoubtedly a powerful girl with extraordinary capabilities to fight against every hurdle of her life with great courage and determination.


Melkiade is the adopted father of Amaleia, who is the villain of this novel one knows how he will prove to be the villain of the story, or this is just a spoiler that he is a bad man in this story. This fact is still a mystery for all of its fans.

The Male Lead

Amaleia becomes a lifesaver as she is a saint also. She has the power to save the lives of humans with her powers. She saves a man who later becomes her close one, and they both share a deep bond of love and care with each other.


A child in the story whom Amaelia saved during a series of unfolding events happening. This is a supporting character in the novel that is only present for a short time.


Luciana is a supporting character found in the story who is a well-wisher of Amaleia and takes care of her in all aspects. We can consider this character as her true mate, helping her in different tragedic events of her life.

Knights and Servants

Knights and servants are present in the house of Melkiades as his slaves who help him in the household, and he rules over them.I Adopted A Villainous Dad Spoiler characters

Spoilers of the Novel

There are many spoilers related to this novel has been released till now in August 2023. Fans are highly anticipating its different turns and aspects.

Some fan theories state that Amaleia will leave her male leading character for her adopted father and will get in trouble in return.

It is also said from some reputable entertainment pages that Melkiade will not be a villain as he will repent of his sins and become a good one, and this way, it will be a happy ending to this novel.

But all of these are only assumptions. None of them is being confirmed by any resource. So all of the fans are waiting for the next chapter to uncover all its story.

As soon as the information about its new chapter released, we will update our section. Stay tuned with us till then.

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