Fans Alert – Worthless Regression Season 2 Release Date is Out!


Are you also the one who is an awaited person for the Worthless Regression Season 2 Release date? If your answer is yes, then you are landed at the right place. After the high demand for this series, we have decided to bring this piece of information about this series to all of its fans.

Whether you want to overlook this series or want to know specific things about this Korean series, we have got you covered. We’ll provide you here the theme, release date, and many more details about the Worthless Regression series.

Let’s get straight into the topic with us.

What is the Theme of Worthless Regression?

The theme of the worthless regression lies in the fact that this world is no less than a battleground. Everyone is struggling in his life and has to face the hurdles and hardships of his fate. No one can save you from them except yourself.

Fans Alert - Worthless Regression Season 2 Release Date is Out!

Struggling hard in your life takes a lot of your spirit, including your dedication and persistence. Most importantly, patience is the key to overcoming all your deficiencies. So, always accept challenges with a big heart and face them with courage.

The main idea of the worthless regression reflects the untiring efforts of Lee Sungmin, who has no powers and skills to give out his best. But the only thing that helped him to change his life was his power to move forward over giving up. 

Quick Facts 

Series Name:  Worthless Regression Season 2
Number of Seasons:  2
Number of Chapters:  62 (Season 1)
Country of Origin:  Korea
Original Language:  Korean
Available Language:  Korean 
Release Date: 1st June 2023

Worthless Regression Season 1 – Recap

In the Worthless Regression Season 1, all the viewers witnessed the fight between Lee Sungmin and Doppelganger. During their battle, the enemy of the main character didn’t use Wiji Heyeon’s martial arts.

During this intense fight between both, Lee Sunmin realized that he was not a powerful and skillful person in front of his enemy, but the most remarkable thing we viewed there was his developing endurance during the battle. His mental toughness made a huge twisting point in the series in which the story began forward.

Fans Alert - Worthless Regression Season 2 Release Date is Out!

Lee Sungmin accepted all the challenges and hardships with great courage and died in that miserable world, but he encountered a stone of the past that was enchanted. With that stone, he started his new life again, and after entering the new world, He had to train himself for about 2000 years to become a powerful and inspiring character in the story.

Throughout the series, there was a lot of adventure, thrill, fantasy, and drama. No matter whether you want to give yourself a treat of an action-filled adventure or want to analyze the struggle of a no-class schooler, you can watch this series.

Worthless Regression Season 2 – Release Date

Exciting news for all of the fans of this Outclasses animated series – Worthless Regression, the release date has been announced from the official pages of this series. Their production house also declared that its new season would be officially on air on 1st June 2023.

Fans Alert - Worthless Regression Season 2 Release Date is Out!

It was out all over Korea in their language on the announced date. The colossal buzz of its fans is found everywhere on its fans pages and review sections. Its worldwide fans are eagerly waiting for its season to be released in English.

This still needs to be confirmed when its English translation will come. Its fans have only one option other than waiting for its translation, as it is only now available in Korean. 

Worthless Regression Season 2 – Storyline

Although there is not much information about worthless regression, season 2 is out, but we can expect some of the compulsory things to happen in its new season. Its new season will portray how Lee Sungmin started his new adventurous journey in a new world.

Moreover, the new season will also bring a lot of drama, adventure, and thrill for the viewers as surely Lee Sungmin will learn more advanced martial skills and arcs for his survival in the world. The new season will also reveal how he will use all his powers to bring out a drastic but positive change in his surroundings.

The second season will be more exciting as this ordinary schooler will turn out to be a powerful martial artist. It will show the viewers how this character traveled through the journey of his tortured phase to the most resilient version character.

Bottom Line

Worthless Regression Season 2 release date has rolled up the floor of adventure with a thundering sound. All of its fans eagerly await its translated version to enjoy the thrilling comeback of their beloved character. Stay updated with us to get the latest updates about the new season’s arrival in translated version!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Worthless Regression story all about?

This Korean series is all about the struggling journey of Lee Sungmin, the story's main character. He is a person with no skills initially, but how he will change his life by passing out from many tough and brutal times amazed his fans surprised and thrilled; moreover, how this character regressed and came up with a blast of action made this series a huge success.

In which language is Worthless Regression Season 2 available?

This animated series has been released in South Korea in the Korean Language. Its English translation is not released till now. All of its fans are waiting anticipatedly for its translation to enjoy the new adventurous and thrilling journey of Lee Sungmin.

What is the review of the Worthless Regression?

According to the response of its fans from social media platforms and forums, this series is getting a high rate of positive feedback due to the plot of the story and the inspiring list of characters that made this a successful project. However, many critics also said this series could be more compelling by focusing on their powers.

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