Faker Girlfriend, Biography, Career, Fame and Many More…


Faker is an iconic figure in the gaming community due to his unbeatable talent, dedication, and success in the world of League of Legends players. Where there is a discussion about any gameplay, we can’t resist talking about this amazing personality as he has stepped into this landscape with loads of accomplishments.  

Faker Girlfriend, Biography, Career, Fame and Many More…

Being a public figure, all of his fans are curious about the” Faker girlfriend.” It is not an officially announced figure, as he keeps his personal life confidential. So keep reading this article to get the answer to this question and many more facts about this unique personality.

Quick Facts

Real Name Lee Sang-Hyeok
Nickname “Faker”
Date of Birth May 7, 1996
Profession Game Player
Nationality South Korean
Networth $5,000,000
Age 27 Years
Height 1.76m


Who is Faker?

Lee Sang-hook is a professional gamer from South Korea who is constantly stunning his fans due to his incredible success and fame. He is a professional League of Legends player and is also considered one of the best players in the world.

Faker Girlfriend, Biography, Career, Fame and Many More…

He used his name “Faker” initially at the very start of his career, therefore, he is now famous worldwide with this name. As of 2023, he is only 27 years old, but at this age, he has earned immense respect and fame due to his marvelous accomplishments in the field of games playing.

Professional Life

His professional life has been nothing short of remarkable success. He has achieved incredible accomplishments as a professional League of Legends player, especially with T1. He has also won multiple championships, been named MVP, and is today considered one of the greatest players in the world.

His outstanding mechanical skills, down-to-earth personality, and hardworking approach earned him a great name. Despite his unbelievable success, he remains grounded and focused on his craft.

What is the Reason Behind the Fame of Faker?

Faker Started his career back before ten years ago when he joined T1. He has been the player of the team for many years and became famous due to his strategic thinking and exceptional gameplay. Overall, in his journey in T1, he won multiple championships as a competent player and a significant asset to the team.

Faker Girlfriend, Biography, Career, Fame and Many More…

He is undoubtedly a true legend in the Esports community. His analytical skills and strategic thinking made him a successful game player in gameplay. He is constantly working hard to change players’ games with his experienced skills and tips.

Is Faker Single or Not?

When a person becomes a public figure, all aspects of his life interest his followers. Likewise, all the Faker’s fans are highly anticipating his personal life. He is single, according to his statement.

Faker Girlfriend, Biography, Career, Fame and Many More…

Once someone asked him about his dating history, he answered with a humble smile that a player’s life is not easy, and I have invested my ten years of life in my profession with complete devotion. I have no time to be involved in such extra activities, as he always says he is busy managing all his tasks and has no time to handle other relationship responsibilities.

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