15 facts you need to know about Kevin Hart


They say that some of the best things come in small packages. That’s certainly true when you’re talking about Kevin Hart.

At 5’4” he’s certainly on the short side, even in Hollywood where many of the big stars are anything but actually big. 

But he more than makes up for it with the size of both his personality and his bank balance. The latest reckoning online is that his net worth isn’t far from $450 million and set to grow even higher if various other business ventures take off.

Born in Philadelphia in 1979, Hart began his professional career as a stand-up comedian. Although, as we shall see, it got off to something of a rocky start but his determination and work ethic eventually brought success.

Alongside this, his acting career took off after appearing in three episodes in the TV show Undeclared.

Moving onto the big screen, he has countless credits with perhaps the highest profile of these being in the Jumanji series alongside Jack Black, Dwayne Johnson, and Karen Gillan.

Upcoming projects include a comedy movie Back on the Strip also starring Wesley Snipes and Borderlands. This is based on the video game of the same name and will see Hart being reunited with Jack Black.

So that’s the background to Kevin Hart, now for the facts that every fan needs to know.

  • Once upon a time he was a shoe salesman

Before starting out a career in showbiz, Hart earned a living as a shoe salesman in a New York department store. Although he was reportedly very good at it, he decided to focus on comedy instead.

  • When he started stand-up he was often booed off stage.

The early days of performing were tricky for him and he was often unpopular with audiences. At one particularly unruly gig, someone even threw a buffalo wing to get him off stage.

  • His early stage name was Lil Kevin

He’s often used his height as a source of humour including giving himself this nickname. But fellow comic and mentor Keith Robinson advised him to drop the gimmick – so he did.

  • One stand-up tour earned him $15 million

When he got successful he got very successful. His 2011 “Laugh at My Pain” tour reportedly earned him $15 million.

  • He owes his acting career to Judd Apatow

It was the writer and director who gave Hart his first major acting role in the TV show Undeclared. He also went on to appear in other Apatow movies including The 40-Year-old Virgin.

  • He’s a big hit on Instagram

With over 100 million followers on the social media platform, Hart is well up there with the big hitters in Hollywood. He also has over 36 million followers on Twitter.

  • Poker is one of his passions


Anyone who plays a poker game online might find themselves coming up against him. He’s a keen player who has even won money at the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas – the Olympics of the game.

  • He also wanted to be a basketball star

Don’t laugh. In the past he’s trained alongside professionals and also played in several NBA All Star Tournaments, even being chosen as MVP on more than one occasion. 

  • There’s a video game all about him

He has commissioned an iPhone app called “Little Jumpman” starring a cartoon version of himself in a Super Mario Brothers-style game designed to make you “laugh and cry as Kevin reaches for the sky”.

  • He’s terrified of bugs


This has proved especially tricky for Hart on the sets of the Jumanji movies, especially in scenes filmed in a real jungle. Dwayne Johnson also frequently pranks him by throwing pretend poisonous spiders at him on set.

  • He owns his own production company

His “Laugh Out Loud” production company was set up in 2017 to provide opportunities for up and coming comic talent. In 2019 he became its major shareholder.

  • He once signed a recording contract with Motown

He has even released an album on the legendary label under his stage musical name of Chocolate Droppa as well as two singles titled Push It On Me and Baller Alert.

  • He’s been an underwear model in the past

In 2017 the Macy’s department store ran a major ad campaign starring both Hart and the successful entrepreneur as its principal models.

  • He’s listed as one of the world’s 100 most influential people

Also in 2015, Time magazine named him as one of the 100 most influential people in America. He also appeared on the list in 2020 alongside others including Kanye West and Kim Kardashian.

  • Look out for his up-coming restaurant chain

August 2022 saw the opening of a restaurant called Hart House in Los Angeles. Offering vegetarian dishes designed to offer plant-based alternatives to meat meals, it’s hoped that this will grow into a nationwide chain.

As we can see from Hart’s efforts in other fields, it looks like being successful is the only way he knows how to operate. So we can look forward to him reaching many other heights and generating many more fascinating facts in the future.

But whether he will ever get over his famous fear and dislike of dolphins, well only time will tell on that one.

Ameer Hamza
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