Can You Really Buy a Mail-Order Bride?


Mail-order brides have always been something of a marital mystery. Today, the dating market can offer you a huge number of mail-order brides. Among women of this type, one can find those who happily flee their native country.

Perhaps the fundamental reason for such an escape is domestic violence and the inability of a man to provide for such a woman taking care of her brilliant future. In this case, mail brides are more valued abroad than in their native country. But is it possible to buy a bride in the literal sense?

Is a Mail Bride a Real Thing or Utopia for Foreigners?

It can be traced back to long before Internet sites made it easy to chat and then order mail-order brides. In fact, you can not buy a bride in the literal sense. You can only order services from marriage agencies offering this type of bride.

It is not difficult to understand why some foreign women from third world countries are fascinated by a Western decent man regardless of their appearance and age. As a rule, men from first-world countries denote great opportunities and financial stability much of which is not possible in the homelands of women from underdeveloped countries.

There are also some unpleasant stories of men. Some of them were even scammed by those seemingly innocent women who take advantage of gullible men’s vulnerability and willingness to do whatever it takes to help them escape…

Where Do They Buy Mail Order Brides From Abroad?

While Russia is a popular destination for single men looking for a bride, brides from a few countries have been added to the list: China, Africa, and most parts of Southeast Asia. Even in South America, matrimonial agencies are springing up offering spicy, hot and “tasty” brides.

Are Mail Order Brides Illegal?

In the majority of some Western countries (especially the United States, China and others) it is totally legal to get married to foreign mail-order brides. Moreover, the principal requirement is that the foreign marriage must be a bona fide and enduring marriage: this means a genuine and real marriage formally contracted. Such a marriage does not have the bride’s intention of obtaining a permanent status of resident (ie the so-called “green card” in the United States).

Foreign mail order wife are legally allowed to enter the USA on a K-1 visa instead of a tourist visa. Thus, entering the United States on a visitor visa with the intent to marry is considered incompatible with the required visa and will not be accepted. If your relationship with the mail bride is in good faith and your wife was sent to the US on a K-1 visa, then it is legal.

When it comes to marriage relationships, even the pettiest things make a big difference. This official statement is accepted for international relationships. Mail order bride are quite dependent on their official husbands and their men simply understand this. Such women are in spirit with a male of high moral standards; the person who won’t use this situation for personal interests. It is worth noting that not all males have high moral standards. Accordingly, VAWA and IMBRA have been created to protect immigrant females from psychological abuse, physical domestic abuse and sexual abuse as well.

Rachel Crib
Rachel Crib
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