How to Get More Instagram Followers (A Step By Step Guide)


Wanting more followers on your social media accounts is not about vanity, given the way that people and businesses can use these platforms to achieve their ambitions.

If you are an influencer or business owner, having more followers on a platform like Instagram could make a huge difference to your professional life. Having more followers means more people are seeing every single post you make, which generates exposure for your brand, products, or services.

Struggling to elevate your presence on Instagram? Use the safe strategies outlined below to gain more followers fast.


Tip 1: Buy Instagram Followers on Twicsy

When you are short of followers on any social media site, buying them is a very useful option. Instagram does have an algorithm that tracks accounts that may purchase bot followers, which is why you must be very careful about where you purchase followers, likes, or views.

Twicsy is one of the most respected platforms in this sector, as they have been offering quality service to customers for years. You can create an account, choose the number of followers you want to buy, checkout, and have the followers added to your account within minutes.


If you want to avoid any possible repercussions to your account for buying followers, have Twicsy send them to your account gradually. Such a process can take a few weeks, but it appears a lot more realistic to anyone who is paying attention to the growth of your account.

Adding 20,000 or 30,000 followers within a few days would be suspicious, especially if you have an older account that has not grown much in the past few years.

Tip 2: Optimize Picture Captions

Far too many people assume that taking a good picture is enough to trend on Instagram. While your photo-taking and editing skills must be top-notch, you also need to have a knack for writing quality captions.

The average Instagram user spends a long time reading captions and comments, which is why you should pay attention to the way you write your captions. Add interesting tag lines for each picture, while providing some background information as well.

Explaining the story behind a photograph or video may seem redundant, as you want people to experience the media you put on Instagram. Having captions can help get more people to follow your account, as they may like the way you write or the opinions you express.

Try to limit your caption length to no more than a few lines, as you should not expect people to read paragraphs worth of text each time they like a photograph or video.

Tip 3: Monitor Photos That People Tag

Both influencers and business owners should monitor their tagged photographs. If you are running a business, you may get a lot of local customers tagging your company when they come by your shop or have a product delivered to their home address.

Such exposure can do a lot for a small business, as you can comment on the photos that people are posting of your products or services. You can even share some photos on your regular feed or by using Instagram stories. Such sharing can lead to a sense of community, as more people post photos related to your business in the hopes that you will share them in your stories.

Monitoring tagged photos also helps nip any issues in the bud. Perhaps a customer is not happy with an order, and they go onto Instagram to vent. If you see their post early enough, you can send them a private message to resolve the issue. They may even take down the post or submit a positive photo of your business if you offer them something in return.

Tip 4: Partner With Other Social Media Users

Whether you are attempting to grow your brand as an influencer or business owner, collaborating with others on social media can be very beneficial. Collaboration helps businesses, as they get to partner with influencers who have a larger following. Since most of those influencers’ followers may have an interest in your business, you can increase your exposure significantly through such endeavors.

Even an influencer can benefit from collaboration, as they can work with influencers who have even more followers. Partnering with them on a video or sharing a few photographs from an in-person get-together can help you boost your follower count, especially if the influencer with more followers shares the content on their feed.

Tip 5: Speak Out On Relevant Topics

A fear of speaking out is common among users on social media, especially those who are hoping to amass a large following over time. Most political or social justice topics can be very sensitive, with several contrasting viewpoints.

You may be afraid to speak openly about such topics, for fear of alienating some of your potential customers. There is a fine line to tread in such circumstances, but you should never feel afraid to speak your mind.

Most business owners and influencers confess that speaking about current events and sharing their opinions was a net gain. They did receive some pushback from their followers, but most replies are very positive. As long as your post is thoughtful and personal, your followers will respond in kind.

Posting about current events is also a good way to increase your follower count, as other people may share your post and help it go viral.

Find Your Audience on Instagram

The beauty of Instagram is that finding your niche does not take very long. People can search hashtags to easily find content that appeals to them.

If you are attempting to grow your personal brand or elevate the new business you recently started, you must get more followers quickly. The methods outlined above are very safe and reliable and should help you increase your follower count by tens of thousands.

When you have a larger following on Instagram, ensure the content of your posts continues to improve. Quality content coupled with smart growth strategies means that you can achieve all your social media marketing goals through Instagram.

Rachel Crib
Rachel Crib
Rachel has lived in Lancaster her whole life. Trish has worked as a journalist for nearly a decade having contributed to several large publications including the Yahoo News and the Lancaster Post. As a journalist for The Tiger News, Cristina covers national and international developments.

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