5 Characteristics To Look For In A Quality Leather Sofa


Purchasing a leather sofa is a major investment. The choice of leather as opposed to other fabrics is often to maintain a sofa over time. Usually, fabric sofas wear down quickly, and they are more susceptible to permanent staining and the entrapping of unpleasant odors and smells.

The natural usage of your couch by those in your home, including family, friends, and pets, and other factors, like whether you eat on the sofa, can quickly lead to couch wear and tear. With choices like leather, you have much more flexibility to use your couch without exposing it to damage. The longevity of your leather couch can also be matched with a design you love.

If the need to preserve a luxury couch is part of the interest that’s brought you here, you’re in luck. In this article, we discuss five essential characteristics to look for in quality leather sofas so that you can choose a long-lasting sofa. Read on to learn more.

Leather Sofas With Grain

Finding leather couches made of 100% grain leather is ideal to look for as you shop for quality leather sofas. Full-grain leather is desirable as it ages beautifully, often resulting in a patina finish over time. As these markings occur, the fabric softens, without breaking down, giving you a softer and plusher leather couch without the consequences of frequent use.

Subtle Semi-Aniline Coating

A semi-aniline coating on your leather couch indicates a high-quality leather sofa. The coating creates added durability without disrupting the leather’s naturally beautiful appearance. The coating also makes a subtle pigment that evens the coloring on the couch so that it maintains its color over time, reducing the likelihood of fading.

Multiple Pieces Of Leather Are Stitched Together

Fake leather couches will have one piece of leather that covers the back. Multiple pieces of leather stitched together are indicative that not only is the leather real, but that it will truly hold up for a long time. Tightly wound leather stitching creates a more permanent hold and grip. When people sit on such couches, the sofas maintain shape and coverage without loosening the fabric, keeping these couches looking good as new.

A Rich Texture

Leather with a coarse texture indicates that you’re looking at a high-quality leather sofa. A rich leather texture is one that feels soft and warm when you touch the fabric. A rich texture suggests genuine leather as it lacks the chemical and plastic composition found on fake leather sofas.

A Strong Smell

Your leather couch should give off a pleasant odor that evokes a richness that is absent of chemicals. Genuine leather will smell fresh and give off that “realness” you’d expect to find in high-quality, authentic leather sofas.

Spot The Best Sofa By Remembering The Basics

Finding a high-quality leather sofa that matches your style preferences is the challenging part. Spotting quality leather sofas, however, is simple— if you remember the above basics of what to look for.

Rachel Crib
Rachel Crib
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