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Serving up a Champagne Bar creates a fun interactive party buffet. Once you combine sweetened popcorn with a bubbly bar, you get this amazing dessert table that everybody will love! Fill jars with a spread of chocolate & caramel drizzled popcorn and pair them with bottles of wine. Moreover, the guests at the parties can help themselves as they toast to the host. It’s perfect for anniversary party ideas, showers, or birthday celebrations.

It doesn’t get far better than this when it involves easy entertaining. Party guests can help themselves, and there are no formal serving pieces to stress about. You’ll need glasses to serve them champagne.

8 Stunning Bars Will Make You Want to Toast the Bubbly Party

Here I will tell you some of the best bars that are stunning for a spent fun time with your friends.

The Bar Vendome Paris

Visitors to The Ritz hotel in Paris are surprised by the variability of restaurants, bars, and several crannies and nooks. The Ritz Bar is one of the widely considered simplest champagne bars in the world, without a doubt well worth the splurge, but it’s closed. Now the champagne hot spot is Bar Vendome, often said to be among the first atmospheric bars in the world. The best grade of champagne bottles is still on offer, also as dinner and other tasty temptations throughout the day.

The Bubble Lounge, San Francisco

Champagne lovers will surely love this bar for its overall atmosphere and a vast selection of champagne by the glass, with over 30 choices. The thought of quality is better than quantity. It doesn’t apply during this hidden gem within downtown San Francisco, as all the 30 selections available are among the simplest in the world, including such marvelous choices as Taittinger Cuvée Prestige, Pommery Brut Royal, or Adami Prosecco. Sophistication, relaxation, and elegance are the principal features of this bar, which will guarantee you a future visit at the end of the day.

Corridor 44, Denver

Located within the historical Larimer Square District of Denver, Corridor 44 offers its patrons an outsized selection of champagne by bottle and glass. It is well decorated with beautiful and stylish chandeliers, zebra-painted carpets, and delightful adornments. These decorations are enough to make any visitor to the present bar feel welcome to a world of elegance alongside exquisite champagne. Patrons also can order charcuterie plates, caviar, sandwiches, and desserts.

Value Luxury travelers know that champagne bars are often pricey, but the right bar is going to be happy to form budget-conscious recommendations. Also, inspect hour specials, or check a tasting flight, allowing you to sample a couple of different tastes without the worth tag. And you recognize you don’t need to occupy those ultra-lure hotels these champagne bars are found in, right?

Bearfoot Bistro, Whistler

Just note down this bar’s name on your next visit to Whistler because you’ll feel in another dimension at the instant of entry. Bear foot Bistro is an unbelievably excellent champagne bar that holds over 2,100 labels and 20,000 bottles within its cellar and offers an exquisite 5-course tasting menu for its patrons. There’s no other champagne bar like this one across Canada that fosters this spectacular level of service, diversity, and authenticity in terms of champagne selection.

Texture, London

Enjoying a beautiful glass of champagne in London is quite an opportunity with Texture. Moreover, it is located at 34 Portman Square. Texture offers its patrons and champagne enthusiasts over 100 selections of fine champagnes by the glass. One of the foremost distinguished features of this bar is the choice to study the history, cultivation, and creation process of every champagne selection through notes given on each glass. It’s a pleasant touch. Texture also offers small samples of every champagne selection so that patrons can find the right glass without straining.

Le Bar at the Plaza Athénée, Paris

This bar is located within the premises of Hotel Sezz right across the river from the Eiffel Tower in Paris; La dame offers its patrons a gorgeous scenic view into the regular streets of Paris. Therefore, the Eiffel Tower itself. Its menu consists of over 30 different champagne cocktails, like the unique mojito champagne cocktail. Hors d’ oeuvres like sushi and salmon skewers are the ideal companion.

New York Bar, Tokyo

This champagne bar isn’t located in New York; it’s a replacement York-themed bar situated on the 52nd floor of the Park Hyatt Hotel in Tokyo. Amazing views of the skyline and, therefore, the overall district of Shinjuku are glaringly visible at this altitude; its rather pricey champagne menu offers the first delicious champagne cocktails with Japanese ingredients like tea and other infusions. Live jazz music and a stunning scenic view make this bar unique in its overall identity and repair – and you’ll recognize the sight; this was the bar featured in Lost in Translation.

Foveaux, Sydney

If you get a chance to visit Australia, take your chance to go to Foveaux in Sydney, a pre-Prohibition-themed champagne bar housed within the basement of a former tonic factory. (Irony noted.) The bar consists of an intimate and stylish vibe, lounge seating, and an incredible menu that gives champagne cocktails with mouthwatering ingredients and infusions like honey and chamomile fizz, honey water, chamomile tea, and Peychaud bitters.

How To Set Up An Amazing Champagne Bar

Every celebration needs a proper setting of a champagne bar. Popping open a bottle of bubbly may be a surefire thanks to start out the party. However, keeping the party on is another matter of setting. Even the foremost practiced sommelier will tire of pouring out bottle after bottle throughout the evening. Fixing a self-serve Champagne bar won’t only stretch your party with the addition of juices and liquors, but it’ll also leave you liberal to socialize and truly enjoy your bash.

So put some Champagne on ice, refill on aperitifs and fresh juices, and gather some garnishes. Here’s the way to find out the last word, Champagne bar.

Step 1:

Stock Up on Sparkling

Skip the high-end vintage champagne. Instead, choose a dry, non-vintage bottling, a domestic wine, or maybe a Cava. Whereas one bottle of bubbly is enough for about eight cocktails, so keep your RSVP list in mind when shopping.

Step 2:

Stock Up on Booze

Experimentation is half the enjoyment of a self-service Champagne bar, so confirm to collect a good range of spirits and liqueurs. A number of the best ones are as under:

  • Goldschlager
  • Crème de Cassis
  • Apricot liqueur
  • St-Germain
  • Aperol
  • Cognac
  • Absinthe
  • Gin
  • Bourbon

Step 3:

Gather the Mixers

Dry champagne works well with most juices (even tomato juice), so encourage your guests to combine, match, and check out something they wouldn’t order at a bar. We propose stocking abreast of the following material to celebrate:

  • Angostura bitters
  • Cranberry juice
  • Grapefruit juice
  • Peach purée
  • Orange juice
  • Stout beer
  • Lemon juice
  • Simple syrup
  • Sugar cubes

Step 4:

Garnish Your Champagne Bar

Not only will a spread of garnishes make your Champagne cocktails look beautiful (it’s all about the ‘Gram, after all), booze-soaked fruit is usually an exquisite treat to seek out at rock bottom of your flute. Found bowls of cranberries, strawberries, and raspberries to serve the guest in their bubbly libations. And pre-cut grapefruit and lemon twists so imbibers can ensure the peels over their champagne. Set out proper cellars of salts and encourage guests to experiment with delicious sprinkles. And remember to set the edible gold flakes.

Step 5:

Pop Those Bottles!

Now that your Champagne bar is ready, it’s time to form the cocktails. Fill an outsized bucket with ice to keep a couple of opened bottles available if you have some extra Champagne, then store additional bottles in your fridge to enjoy the sudden gatherings.

Label your mixers, booze, garnishes, and mixers with note cards and mini chalkboards, line up the table with wrapping paper and write ingredient names directly on the surface. Fix the bar spoons, Champagne flutes, and jiggers.

However, it is better to experiment with new flavors and invent unique cocktails to glow more spice to the parties.


After all, if you follow these simple and unique five-step guide, your Champagne bar is ready to handle the events. However, it’s time to form the cocktails. Fill an outsized bucket with ice to keep a couple of opened bottles available. Store the additional bottles in the fridge for some other time.

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