What will be Your Ideas for GTA 6?


Gamers want to see a game that is about someone who is trying to establish a gang. The main character starts at the bottom but develops more followers and assets over time.

In GTA, you could buy businesses and make money; instead of just buying them, you provide companies with protection.

For the online, it would be like gang warfare where you can protect some business, and other players can rob it, and you have to go after them, or they can just plainly outgo after you by destroying your companies or taking them over.

GTA 6 is beyond all expectations. It is a game that will entertain its players with the best. Here you will get some features of GTA6.

  • It’ll be based on an iconic US city. (Since Vice City is based in Miami, Liberty City is based in New York, and Los Santos is based in Los Angeles, they will either return to any of these above cities or choose a new location, including New Orleans and Chicago).
  • The story will be similar to GTA 5. It will switch between multiple main characters. In GTA 6, you will have a female protagonist this time.
  • There’ll still be a lot of driving, and vehicle handling will likely have a learning curve. (Seriously, you should get the driving right by now. Don’t piss off your potential players by slapping them with a 2-hour driving learning curve! But then again, you’re making so much money already. Why do you care anyways?)
  • If the play chooses to do so, there’ll be a lot of shooting and random mayhem. (That’s where I have problems with criticism against R* game violence. Sure, you can beat up hookers and run over pedestrians for fun, but the game doesn’t force you or even encourage you to do it. It’s a player’s choice with little or no positive or negative consequences. If you choose to do it, it’s your problem, not the game’s problem. It’s like blaming the store don’t have a security system when you choose to steal from it.)
  • There’ll be a lot of racism, sexism, and social issues, and that’s why we love GTA games. So we get to see just how ridiculous our real-world problems are.
  • There won’t be any virtual reality or motion sensor gimmick. They have set up the standard bar of the Sandbox open-world game since Vice City, and there have been a few groundbreaking innovations from them. They’re not interested in motion sensors. It’s doubtful that they will venture into virtual reality. They tend to focus on what they do best (sandbox open world, ridiculous satire, story, and character development) and disregard the rest (adding an RPG element when everyone starts to do so? no… not in GTA!)

Overall, we expect a better-looking game with more complex male characters, a darker, more mature (really? more mature than GTA V?) storyline, a larger map, and the same old GTA driving/shooting/mayhem tradition at its best.

Ameer Hamza
Ameer Hamza
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